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Elektro Verteilung Schrank

Building Technology

Buildings come in all colors, shapes and sizes, but they don’t always come with the necessary infrastructure to implement modern solutions such as remote maintenance and monitoring or predictive maintenance. Thanks to mobile communications, older buildings can now also be equipped with modern building technology.

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Smartphone und iMac mit geöffnetem Fernwartungssystem

Remote Maintenance

Remote maintenance solutions allow cost- and effort-efficient maintenance of technical systems without having to drive by. Thanks to cost-effective connectivity, implementing such solutions is child’s play.

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Digital Signage Screen

Digital Signage

Thanks to location-independent connectivity, digital signage solutions become smart! Remote management of advertising displays, directional signs, warning systems or info screens is now child’s play, no matter where and when the displays are used.

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Smartphone mit geöffneter Telefon App

Smartphones/Employee Subscriptions

Managing your employees’ mobile subscriptions can be tedious and confusing. With Digital Republic, employee subscriptions can be managed independently and easily. New mobile subscriptions for new employees can be created and customized with just a few clicks.

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Tablet iPad


Tablets are becoming increasingly important for mobile working. Regardless of whether it is about accelerating communication or simply digitalizing reporting processes. Tablets are powerful universal tools in today’s workplace.

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Mobile Work with Laptop and Tablet

More and more people are working on the move and more and more devices allow a direct connection to the Internet via mobile communications. Not every device has the same requirements, which is why SIM cards need to be as flexible as the company’s day-to-day work!

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Transporter in Silbergrau

Vehicle Fleet Management

A classic case for mobile Internet is fleet management. Whether simply for location monitoring, route planning or rescheduling at short notice: With a SIM card and a GPS device or tracker, you always have an overview.

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Tablet mit geöffneter Karten und Navigations App

GPS Tracking

Always knowing what’s where. A huge challenge, especially for larger companies. GPS trackers with a mobile phone connection provide an uncomplicated solution. Thanks to mobile internet, location data is transmitted in real time and the company’s assets are optimally protected against loss or theft.

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Lastwagen LKW


Logistics connects. It is all the more important that the logistics chain itself is also connected. Thanks to GPS trackers, tablets, measuring sensors and supply chain monitoring, supply chains are monitored, routes are optimized and information about the transported goods is made available.

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Traktor wie er in der Landwirtschaft verwendet wird


Agriculture is also increasingly reaping the benefits of reliable connectivity. Smart farming using sensors and M2M communication between tractor and field is no longer a rarity.

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VoIP/PBX Telephony

It doesn’t always have to be a mobile subscription! Thanks to low bandwidth and mobile communications, any smartphone can be cost-effectively integrated into a PBX system using a VoIP app. This means that employees always have their office number with them – without any redirection!

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IT Services

IT service providers see themselves as universal service providers. In addition to the network infrastructure, customers also outsource the organization of Internet connections to their IT service providers. Thanks to Digital Republic, they can now also integrate mobile communications into their overall solution.

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