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Renewable energy is on everyone’s lips. More and more roofs are being equipped with solar panels to optimize self-consumption. However, the inverter requires a working internet connection for monitoring or remote maintenance.

The sun supplies the power…

Sustainable energy production is increasingly becoming the key to a sustainable infrastructure. The technology behind the photovoltaic systems is becoming more and more complex and efficient and the possibilities of the solar cells expand with new applications every year. With an increasing number of systems and applications, however, the challenges that operators have to face are also growing. PV systems must be constantly monitored and maintained. Likewise, the electricity flow into the household must be evaluated so that the system knows how much additional electricity needs to be drawn from the main grid. This must be done quickly and reliably, as clouds can quickly obscure the sun. To do this, the inverter of the solar system must communicate via the internet.

… we deliver the internet!

With the SIM cards from Digital Republic, the inverters of the solar systems can be connected to the Internet from anywhere. It is almost impossible to have a fixed internet line, especially on rooftops. That’s why the only alternative solution is mobile communications. Thanks to special tariffs for low bandwidths, the costs for the connection remain within a calculable framework and thanks to the customer portal, a PV operator can increase the number of active SIM cards at any time, even with a large order situation. In this way, connectivity does not become a stumbling block when installing new systems. Regardless of whether the system is on a building in downtown Zurich or on the roof of a farm in the mountains: wherever there is smartphone reception, photovoltaic systems can also be networked. In a few minutes and without laying any cables.

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