Our customer platform allows you to easily register, manage and customize your subscription

In the Digital Republic customer portal, you can manage your SIM cards easily, with just a few clicks and in one place – without any additional costs. Order and activate new SIM cards without calling or emailing. In your customer portal, you can also adjust or pause your mobile tariffs at any time so that you only pay for what you actually need.

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Keep an overview in the cockpit

The Cockpit gives you an overview of all SIM cards. You can see which ones are active and which tariff is currently selected. You can also see the current term and whether a follow-up package is booked or not. Filter by SIM name to quickly find the SIM you are looking for.

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Adjust your rate at any time

In SIM card management, you can increase or decrease the speed of chosen SIM cards with just a few clicks. You can also enable or disable telephony – just as you need it.

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Deactivate SIM cards when not in use

Say goodbye to long contract periods. You can simply deactivate SIM cards you don’t need in the administration – without any follow-up costs.

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Add new SIM cards

Keep inactive SIM cards in stock and activate them as soon as you need them. Inactive SIM cards cost you nothing and can be used for specific projects. Whenever you really need them.

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Your billing at a glance

For business clients, we offer billing on invoice. In the billing history you can see all current and past invoices, broken down by all SIM cards operated. So you can always see transparently what you have been charged.

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Interviews with our customers

How Smart Church Tower Technology Works

Muff Kirchturmtechnik – the name says it all. The company develops and sells building automation solutions throughout Switzerland and has specialized in churches in particular. Churches often have limited connectivity. The data SIM cards from Digital Republic provide an uncomplicated remedy here. A match made in heaven?

Short interview with Jeremy Michaud

JM Contactless is a provider of mobile payment solutions. Among other things, the company networks wearables that serve as wallets and can be easily used for payments. The connectivity is provided by Digital Republic.

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