Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About the Digital Republic Subscription Options

We offer subscriptions with different speeds. Depending on the speed you need, the price varies. You can find the prices of all our offers here.

You can easily pay for your subscription with your credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex) or PostFinance by entering your preferred method of payment in your customer portal. 

The subscription runs for 30 days at a time. Whether you want to renew it after that or not, you can decide for yourself. You can also set up an automatic renewal. The subscription is then renewed automatically after the 30 days, provided you have a valid payment method.

Simply click on Customer Portal at the top of the page or visit to manage all your subscriptions, SIM Cards, personal information and payment methods. You can also order additional SIM cards, adjust the speed of your subscriptions, pause and reactivate them.

Via the customer portal you can deactivate the automatic renewal for each SIM card individually. The subscription will then expire at the end of the paid period. There are no costs involved; the action can be carried out at any time.

Simply create an account at and choose the option “activate eSIM”. As an existing customer, you can switch your current SIM Card into an eSIM profile. You can also purchase additional eSIM profiles for further mobile devices. For additional information on eSIM related questions visit our here.

First Steps

You can easily order your SIM card via our website. Click on the Free Trial button and you will be taken directly to the product selection. The voucher for your free month will be applied automatically. All you have to do is fill in your contact details so we can send you your SIM card.

Once you have received your SIM card, you can register on our Customer Portal. Either click on the Customer Portal on the top of the page or visit register. You will need an identification document and about five minutes of your time. After registration we will automatically activate your SIM card and you will receive an email when everything is ready.

No. You do not need to make any further adjustments to your device. Just insert the SIM card and you're connected to the Internet.
Unfortunately, we currently do not offer any devices together with our subscriptions.

Generally no, however we reserve the right to temporarily lower network speeds if malicious usage is suspected.

However, excessive use can lead to capacity problems, which has a direct impact on other mobile subscribers. We therefore ask you to use the mobile internet within a reasonable range.
In extreme cases (more than 97% and 99.89% of all customers) we reserve the right to temporarily lower the priority of data traffic. This means that speed will be reduced in places and at times of day when the mobile network is congested. This is generally only noticeable during data-intensive activities. In antenna cells that are not overloaded, the deprioritization does not affect the speed.

A phone number porting is currently not possible. 

Answers for New Customers

Yes, the data volume is unlimited.
Digital Republic provides you with unlimited access to mobile Internet. That allows you to access WhatsApp, Instagram, FaceTime, Skype, etc. and make calls with these apps. However, normal outgoing voice calls and sending SMS are not possible. Incoming voice calls and SMS, on the other hand, are free in Switzerland.
As soon as you receive your SIM Card you activate it in our Customer Portal. Either click on the Customer Portal on the top of the page or visit Enjoy your 30 day free trial. If you like to stay with us past that you can set up a subscription renewal from that said Customer Portal. No strings attached.

Yes, in your customer portal you can book roaming packages for e.g. Europe or the USA at any time. You can find the current rates here: Pricing

Of course. Click Here to go to the Business Customer section.

Have a More Specific Question?

Our support center is happy to help. Contact us for individual support. 

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Need to get in touch? Fill out the contact form with your request or call us during our opening hours. 

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