The Digital Republic Flat Rates

Flat 0.4

Trackers + Sensors

max. 0.4 / 0.2 Mbits
Down- and Upload

Unlimited Internet in CH

per Month

Flat 10

Smartphones +

max. 10 / 5 Mbits
Down- and Upload

Unlimited Internet in CH

per Month

Flat 300

Home + Office

max. 300 / 150 Mbits
Down- and Upload

Unlimited Internet in CH

per Month
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No activation fees and no hidden costs
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No minimum contract term and no termination period
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Speed can be adjusted at any time
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Simple payment with credit card or PostFinance

Quickly and easily manage your subscriptions from our Customer Portal

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Register Your SIM Card Online

Digital Republic Connect makes it quick and easy to register your SIM card after you receive it.

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Manage Account

With Digital Republic Connect you can manage your SIM-card(s), your payment method or your roaming packages - and keep track of your subscriptions.

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Adjust Subscription

With Digital Republic Connect, you can adjust your speed profile at any time. If you don't need your subscription for a while, you can deactivate it and reactivate it later at no additional cost.

Quickly and easily manage your subscriptions from our Customer Portal

Laptop und Smartphone verwalten SIM Tarif

Everything you need to know for your business

We offer subscriptions with different speeds. Depending on the speed you need, the price varies. You can find the prices of all our offers here.

You can easily pay for your subscription with your credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex) or PostFinance by entering your preferred method of payment in your customer portal. 

The subscription runs for 30 days at a time. Whether you want to renew it after that or not, you can decide for yourself. You can also set up an automatic renewal. The subscription is then renewed automatically after the 30 days, provided you have a valid payment method.

Simply click on Customer Portal at the top of the page or visit to manage all your subscriptions, SIM Cards, personal information and payment methods. You can also order additional SIM cards, adjust the speed of your subscriptions, pause and reactivate them.

Via the customer portal you can deactivate the automatic renewal for each SIM card individually. The subscription will then expire at the end of the paid period. There are no costs involved; the action can be carried out at any time.

Simply create an account at and choose the option “activate eSIM”. As an existing customer, you can switch your current SIM Card into an eSIM profile. You can also purchase additional eSIM profiles for further mobile devices. For additional information on eSIM related questions visit our here.

More questions?

Do you have questions about conditions, applications or commissioning? Visit our help sections or contact our support center.
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