Every day we experienced how the traditional telecommunications industry, with its existing systems and rigid structures, had reached its limits. Historically grown product ranges made it increasingly difficult for customers to keep track of the overwhelming array available and decide on the right product for them. This led from special offers and bundles to lock-ins and thus from hidden costs and intransparency to negative customer experiences.

Our own dissatisfaction with this situation for customers is what motivated us to tackle things ourselves. Why not satisfy customer demand for a simple and customisable product by developing our own solution?

No sooner said than done: Digital Republic was born with the aim of reinventing the dusty and negative mobile market with a breath of fresh air.

We have made activation fees, hidden costs, minimum contract periods and notice periods as well as limited data volumes a relic of the past.

We are making mobile communications free, fair and progressive. We are Digital Republic and offer mobile internet for everyone and everything.

Ali and Marco


We are convinced that digital transformation creates opportunities. We are committed to a free and open society. We help ensure everyone can participate.


We are there for our customers and partners. We stand for transparency and honesty. We offer simple solutions for positive customer experiences.


We are digital-first. We focus on innovative and progressive solutions. We create real and sustainable added value.

We are Digital Republic Mobile internet for everyone and everything.

The Digital Republic team

More About the Mission of Digital Republic

eSIM, but Simple Please!

The time has already come in the USA, and the first eSIM-only smartphones are likely to be launched here soon as well. It is high time for providers to create an eSIM offering that meets the new demands of users. We’ve been on board since the very beginning and deliver the magic ingredient right away: Simplicity.

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