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Digital Republic Wins Award at MVNO World Congress in Berlin

Media Release 06/14/2022

At this year's World Congress of Mobile Virtual Network Providers (MVNO World Congress) in Berlin, the most innovative mobile network providers worldwide were awarded. Over 350 MVNOs from over 60 countries were represented. Digital Republic was honored with the most important award in the industry and was named '5G MVNO of the Year'. This is the first time that the most important award of the World Congress goes to a Swiss mobile provider. 

Berlin/Zurich, 06/14/2022 - The MVNO World Congress unites the industry of virtual mobile network operators, i.e. providers without their own network, and delves into the biggest trend topic 5G, the developments around the Internet of Things (IoT) and the shift towards the eSIM. The event also recognizes the most innovative MVNOs for their outstanding achievements. Over the course of two days, more than 350 MVNOs from over 60 countries came to Berlin to learn and exchange information about the latest developments in technology and in the individual markets.  

Digital Republic Wins the Most Important Award 

This year, the most important prize, the '5G MVNO of the Year' award, went to the Swiss mobile provider Digital Republic. Digital Republic impressed the jury of experts and industry insiders with its fair and flexible offer of mobile Internet for everyone and everything. Especially the unlimited data usage and the pricing according to bandwidth was crucial for the jury, as Digital Republic shows the future path for MVNOs worldwide to offer 5G to their customers. The most important award of the MVNO World Congress thus finds its way to Switzerland for the first time ever. 

The two co-founders of Digital Republic proudly accepted the award at the MVNO World Congress in Berlin. "After almost four years since the launch of Digital Republic, this award makes us very proud and proves that we are on the right track," says Marco Arnold. Ali Soy adds, "We are convinced that the network, like 5G, must be equally accessible to all. That's why we at Digital Republic strive for a free and fair, as well as completely digital mobile offering. We were so delighted to receive an award for exactly that." 

MVNO Awards 2022    

Co-Fouder von Digital Republic Ali und Marco halten 5G MVNO Award des Weltkongress in den Händen
Ali Soy and Marco Arnold - Co-Founders of Digital Republic

About Digital Republic 

Digital Republic is closing a gap in the digitization of the Swiss economy and society: The agile and innovative provider for mobile Internet in Switzerland relies exclusively on the mobile network and is thus closing the digital divide. Digital Republic's fair and transparent mobile subscriptions for smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and other IoT devices can be used flexibly, managed, and cancelled independently online at any time. This means customers only pay for what they need. Digital Republic puts an end to activation fees, minimum contract periods, and hidden costs. Since June 2021, Digital Republic has also been offering unlimited telephony and SMS in Switzerland in addition to its data subscriptions.   

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