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Cell phone contracts have been the subject of debate ever since they came into existence. When not everyone had a cell phone, it was still possible to follow these discussions from a distance with mild amusement, but at the latest since the smartphone has become an irreplaceable tool of everyday life, we are all part of the debate – and of the mobile phone market. Time-honored structures became rigid structures that, albeit more modern, followed the same pattern as the cell phone subscriptions from the early 2000s. So it was high time to do things differently and Digital Republic was founded to do just that.

Step One: Freedom for Customers

It may be understandable that providers want to keep their customers. But being stuck in binding contracts for years cannot be the solution. A provider should be motivated to make its offering the best in Switzerland, so that customers stay because they want to and not because they have to.

That’s why we have said goodbye to any minimum contract terms or notice periods and you have the choice every month whether you want to stay or not. This means more freedom for you and a clear and tangible motivation for us to meet your needs and requirements.

If customers can leave whenever they want, service, price and performance have to be right, every day. We want to live up to this standard, for you and for us.

Hands in the air that have freed themselves from handcuffs

Step Two: Flexible Products

Mobile communications may seem trivial: insert SIM card, switch on, go. However, the reality of life is different. How fast does your internet connection actually need to be? Do you want to make calls with your device or not? Do you need roaming or not?

At Digital Republic, you can put together your own connectivity solution. If you only need data, without telephony, you can do that. If you only need a small amount of bandwidth for your application, this is also possible and the price is also reduced. You can book roaming flexibly via the customer portal and the packages are valid for a full year so that you can still use up your remaining credit during your next vacation.

Step Three: Fair Prices

Some are super cheap, others quite expensive and yet every provider claims to offer the fairest deal. For Digital Republic, however, fair prices are not just a question of amount and performance. Having fair prices also means having transparent prices. This also means the same price for everyone. Anything else would be completely pointless due to the lack of notice periods.

That’s why we have said goodbye to new customer promotions, countdowns, lifetime discounts and switching prices and consistently pass on price reductions to our entire customer base. So you don’t have to worry about deals like Black Friday or summer promotions.

Step Four: Simplicity

Honestly, who wants to be bothered with unnecessary trips to a mobile phone provider’s branch in 2024 when SIM cards and eSIMs can be ordered and activated directly online? The digital tools are there to make life a little easier.

That’s why Digital Republic deliberately focuses on simplicity and progressiveness. You can activate our eSIM within 5 minutes from the comfort of your own home. We’ll send you the SIM cards and router by post and you can do everything else from the comfort of your house.

You can manage your account via the Digital Republic customer portal and pause, upgrade or downgrade the SIM card at any time, reset the network in the event of connection problems or book additional options such as roaming volume or telephony.

In the Digital Republic customer portal, you can manage all your devices, reorder SIM cards or adjust your tariffs to your needs.

Of course, despite all the simplicity, good service is essential. That’s why you can contact our support team in writing or by phone at any time. You have a direct line to the Digital Republic office and benefit from a competent team of tech-savy support heroes who are on hand to help and advise you.

Step Five: Honesty

The days when you had to rely on test reports are over. Digital Republic lives honesty. That’s why all new customers can try out Digital Republic for 30 days without obligation. You don’t even have to deposit a means of payment. Simply order a SIM card here, activate it yourself and if you are not satisfied after 30 days, you can simply leave without any additional effort.

The Mobile Communications Industry Is Ready for Something New!

Even though Digital Republic has been around for a while now, the reasons for our existence have not changed. The mobile industry in Switzerland still has a lot of potential and is ripe for new things. That is why we are continuing as we started and are constantly working on further features and new offers. For you, for us and for the Swiss mobile communications landscape!

If you’re curious to see what this “doing things differently” actually looks like, order a test SIM or eSIM now and see for yourself whether Digital Republic is right for you!

If you have any questions, you can of course also contact us if you are not yet one of our customers.

We look forward to having you!

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