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The new Digital Republic customer portal

There Is No Easier Way to Manage Your Mobile Devices!

Digital Republic has set itself clear values as its goal: Freedom, Fairness and Progressiveness. Nothing connects these values as well as another part of our identity: simplicity.

  • We pride ourselves on our simple tariff options, which allow you to easily choose the speed you need and surf unlimited via 5G without worrying about data volume.
  • We pride ourselves on our simple contract terms because we have virtually none: there are no minimum contract terms, no hidden costs, no activation fees, and no cancellation periods either.
  • We are proud of our customer service, where you can simply call and solve your problem – without having to wait on hold and with a personal callback.

With this focus on simplicity, we set about rethinking our existing customer portal. In the process, we were able to count on the most important sparring partner of all: Our customers. Over the past three years, we have listened carefully, noted the feedback on various Excel lists, Word documents and project management tools, and finally enriched them with our own ideas.

The result is the new Digital Republic customer portal – there is no easier way to manage your mobile devices.

Simple Yet Detailed Overview of All Mobile Devices

Device overview mobile

In the new Cockpit, you can see all your connected devices at a glance, the current status of the SIM cards and when they will be renewed. You can add new devices and reorder SIM cards or eSIMs with one click. A separate tile is created for each device, which automatically updates when you make changes. If you don’t like tiles, you can switch to the list view at the touch of a button. This gives you a faster and clearer overview, especially if you have a lot of devices.

Device overview in list view on Macbook

Easy and Transparent Activation of Your eSIM or SIM Card

There have also been some changes in the activation of new SIM cards or eSIMs. The process is even simpler and more transparent than before.

Mobile tariff selection with recommended speed

During activation, the new interface always shows you which step you are currently at. The new customer portal also reacts to your selection. For example, if you select a smartphone in the second step, device assignment, the right rate for your application is automatically suggested in the next step. Of course, you still have the option of choosing a faster or slower rate. It doesn’t get any more transparent than that!

FAQ pop-up links to the necessary data always help you right where you are in the registration process. For example, if you don’t know where to find your SIM number, the answer is just a click away next to the input field.

Simple and Fast ID Check

The ID check will also be easier and faster with the new customer portal. We are relying entirely on a modern and completely digital solution. All you need is an ID document and your smartphone.

Smartphone with ID check

We know that ID checks can be time-consuming, which is why we have automated this process and made it as secure and simple as possible. Simply click on the “Go to ID Check” button in your cockpit and then scan the displayed QR code with your smartphone. Then give the page that opens on your smartphone temporary access to your camera, take a selfie and a photo of your ID document, and the ID check is done.

We are proud to offer you an even easier way to manage your mobile devices. The new Digital Republic customer portal is now live. We hope you are at least as excited as we are.

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