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Digital Republic hat eine neue Website!

Everything Is New - And Yet Everything Remains as It Always Was

We have a new website! What may look like a simple new design is the product of intensive work and the starting point for a new era for Digital Republic. The new look is deceptive, because although the site only shows visual changes for the time being, big things are going on in the background: a complete technical relaunch and thus the foundation for the next development steps of Digital Republic!

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Dimitri freut sich über ein baldiges Ende des Messenger Chaos

Is the Messenger Chaos Coming to an End?

The messenger situation on many smartphones in 2024 is anything but satisfactory. Many of us use several apps at the same time and all too often we lose track of exactly who we last communicated with and where. The EU’s Digital Markets Act aims to counteract this gatekeeping of messenger services and requires compatibility between apps. WhatsApp is now getting serious and announcing seamless communication with other messengers. Bye bye iMessage dilemma?

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Digital Republic senkt den Preis für Voice

Digital Republic Lowers the Price for Voice!

Last year, we ran a smaller Black Friday promotion for our existing customers and did not run any other promotions. This year, we’re going one step further and saying goodbye to Black Friday deals altogether. Instead, we are permanently reducing the price of our voice option by Black Friday – for everyone!

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5G Internet for Expats in Switzerland

There’s a lot to take care of when moving to Switzerland, so connectivity shouldn’t be a hassle as well. Here, 5G offers an exciting alternative to fiber optics and Digital Republic provides the necessary flexibility.

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“MVNO... What?”

The Swiss mobile communications market is growing year by year with new providers, but the infrastructure is still provided by the three network operators: Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt. So are all the other providers simply replicas of the big three, but with different names? We want to counteract possible confusion and tell you what business models there are and how they differ from each other.

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Your Cat Has Shared Its Location

In the future, everyone and everything will be connected. In our first out-of-home campaign, we take a look inside a world that could soon be reality. The big question the campaign addresses: What could our everyday life look like in this future?

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Only Satisfied Customers Are Customers

Good support is no coincidence! At Digital Republic, we place a special emphasis on support, which is reflected in the many good Google ratings we receive. We provide you with a look behind the scenes and show you who is responsible for this valued service.

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