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Digital Republic Lowers the Price for Voice!

Because Not Only New Customers Should Benefit on Black Friday

We don't think much of Black Friday, but we do think a lot of offering our customers an even more attractive deal. That's why we want to use Black Friday as an opportunity for a price reduction, but as always, we want to do things a little differently. At Digital Republic, everyone who uses our voice option will benefit this year: Everyone who is already with us and everyone who is new to us.


The Voice Option Becomes Permanently Cheaper!

Many of our customers use our SIM cards and eSIMs in a smartphone. Accordingly, they also use the voice option to make unlimited calls and send text messages throughout Switzerland. Together with the voice option, our Flat 10 forms an attractive mobile subscription and is therefore Digital Republic's most popular plan.

The voice option used to cost the same as the Flat 10, i.e. CHF 10 per month. The Digital Republic mobile subscription now costs CHF 20 per month with unlimited data volume, 5G and unlimited calls and text messages in Switzerland.

For Black Friday, we are permanently reducing the price of the voice option by 2 francs to just 8 francs per month. As a result, the cell phone subscription with Digital Republic now only costs CHF 18 per month or CHF 216 per year. The free trial month for new customers will of course remain the same.

If you are already a Digital Republic customer, you don't need to do anything else. You will automatically benefit from the lower price as of Black Friday.



Now a Reason to Change. We’ll Do It for You!

Maybe you are not yet with Digital Republic, but want to switch to us as stress-free as possible and also benefit from the award-winning Digital Republic service. It's super easy if you take your phone number with you!

If you order a SIM card from Digital Republic and register, you can take your existing phone number with you (port it). As soon as you order the porting with us, we will take care of the timely termination with your old provider and notify you as soon as the switch can be completed.

Then simply insert your new Digital Republic SIM into your device and you can start surfing straight away! No annoying phone calls to a call center or cancellation via chat. If you're not yet sure whether Digital Republic is right for you, you can take advantage of a free trial month!

Simply order a Digital Republic SIM card to your home and activate it online without porting your number. You can then use the SIM free of charge for one month, either on its own or as a dual SIM alongside your existing SIM card.

If you are satisfied, simply order another Digital Republic SIM and order the porting of your phone number during activation.

We look forward to welcoming you!


Das Team von Digital Republic

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