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Sometimes sooner, sometimes later, but at some point it is due: The purchase of the first smartphone for the child. What you need to consider when choosing a device and provider are security, transparency and cost protection. We have the tips you need.
Modern applications are consuming more and more data. According to a study by Sotomo, the volume of data transmitted via mobile devices in Switzerland has increased by a factor of 200 within 11 years. At the same time, a higher transmission rate is hardly ever needed. Are limited data volumes and advertising for high-speed Internet still appropriate under these circumstances?
Routers are cool, but they also consume valuable energy. Especially when electricity is scarce, it's important to save wherever possible. We'll tell you how and how much energy you can save by temporarily turning off your router.
There's a lot to take care of when moving to Switzerland, so connectivity shouldn't be a hassle as well. Here, 5G offers an exciting alternative to fiber optics and Digital Republic provides the necessary flexibility.
The development of the last two decades speaks for itself. Mobile-bound Internet has evolved into a solution for entire offices. Has 5G reached the point where the cable connection at home can be replaced by cellular? We think: this has been possible for a long time - and it is becoming more and more attractive!