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Good support is no coincidence! At Digital Republic, we place a special emphasis on support, which is reflected in the many good Google ratings we receive. We provide you with a look behind the scenes and show you who is responsible for this valued service.
If you have to keep a lot of appointments and still don't want to do without the advantages of a dedicated and secure Internet connection, you can create an attractive all-in-one solution for your backpack with a SIM-enabled notebook. We present two devices and explain why we see SIM-enabled notebooks as the future of mobile working.
Good products should speak for themselves, and bad products should be adapted and improved to meet the needs of users. That is why we do not require minimum contract periods and make it as easy as possible for our customers to cancel their contracts.
Research on the successor to 5G has been going on since 2017, and the new mobile communications standard appears to be much more than just a faster successor to 5G. We dare to take a look into the future.
With a series of lectures, we, as a connectivity provider, drew attention to the enormous potential of bidirectional charging technology for e-mobility and energy supply as part of the Zurich Power Days. We look back with pleasure on an inspiring and inspiring event at the Zurich Exhibition Center.
Anyone who wants to network their company is dependent on reliable and uncomplicated solutions. We take a look at the networked SME and its needs for connectivity providers.