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According to the online comparison service, cellular subscriptions are becoming increasingly successful. Prepaid offers seem less attractive and the vast majority of users opt for a subscription. But there is another form that combines the best of both worlds: the prepaid subscription!
Security is not possible without strong communication. Digitalization is enabling ever better ways of alerting and coordinating. However, for this to work as simply and quickly as possible, appropriate software solutions are needed. ATT AG has been supplying these solutions since 1995 and now also with the connectivity of Digital Republic!
Research on the successor to 5G has been going on since 2017, and the new mobile communications standard appears to be much more than just a faster successor to 5G. We dare to take a look into the future.
Small big news from Germany! Google, the GSMA and Deutsche Telekom have developed a simple and secure method for direct eSIM transfer. Android manufacturers should now follow suit and catch up with Apple's iPhone. The first Android smartphone to benefit from this will be the Pixel 7.
If you have to keep a lot of appointments and still don't want to do without the advantages of a dedicated and secure Internet connection, you can create an attractive all-in-one solution for your backpack with a SIM-enabled notebook. We present two devices and explain why we see SIM-enabled notebooks as the future of mobile working.
Mobile working is becoming more and more common and the feature set of tablets is getting bigger and bigger. One question remains: Should you buy the cheaper Wi-Fi version or a tablet with a SIM slot? We classify.