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5G Router in Test: The Acer Connect X6E

The year 2024 seems to be all about powerful 5G routers. After models from Netgear and TP-Link, we have now also come across a new Acer device that has made such a good impression that we are replacing the Acer Predator X5 from our store with it without further ado: The Acer Connect X6E 5G CPE. What sounds like a poem by Elon Musk is a simple, affordable and yet modern 5G router that covers most private applications and also enables IP telephony thanks to an additional VoIP interface.

Hardware: Inconspicuous, Solid, Packed With Technology

At 10.8cm x 7.9cm, the Acer X6E is a rather compact white cuboid with clear lines and inconspicuous decor. Nevertheless, the build quality of the plastic casing feels solid and what’s inside the casing is a promising sight.

The housing is equipped with a Snapdragon X62 Arm Cortex-A7 processor with 1.8 GHz and an equally fast modem. The dual-band router supports 5G and LTE, as well as Wi-Fi 6e for the best connection quality. The router can also be connected to a conventional wired Internet connection via an Ethernet port on the back of the housing.

Particularly cool for visitors: the router is NFC-capable and allows convenient and fast dial-in to the WLAN with a smartphone by touch.

The back of the Acer Connect X6E 5G with all connections
The connections from top to bottom: RJ-11 port, Ethernet in, Ethernet out, power connection

Overall, the Acer X6E is a solid device that leaves little to be desired on the hardware side. The only thing you won’t find on this router is connections for external antennas. However, this should not be a problem if it is placed in a location with good mobile reception.

Features: Fully Modern

The Acer X6E’s range of features fulfills all the requirements of connected everyday life in 2024. Thanks to WiFi6e, you can benefit from an additional 6 GHz frequency band in your Wi-Fi with up to 128 devices simultaneously, which enables transfer rates of up to 5400 Mbps. The built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon processor has an AI-supported signal boost function to keep you connected everywhere in your home (and on the balcony).

With 5G+WAN dual connectivity, you can decide for yourself how you want to be connected to the Internet. This means you can operate the router via 5G mobile communications as well as via fiber optics, DSL or cable and use both connections simultaneously if required. With this variant, you can either improve the load distribution by combining 5G and cable, or you can use the 5G connection as a failover if the wired Internet fails.

You can share your private WiFi with visitors via an easy-to-set-up guest gateway without sharing your personal password. A good option if you need to share your Wi-Fi with lots of people and want to create extra security for you and easier access for your guests.

The Acer Connect X6E 5G router from the front
Straightforward and modern: The Acer Connect X6E looks discreet and solid.

The Bonus: VoIP Telephony

Landline telephony is out. The Acer Connect X6E provides you with a more modern alternative. You can easily connect a VoIP phone via an RJ-11 connection on the back of the router and make phone calls via a corresponding service.

Especially cool for the self-employed or people who want to be reachable via a landline number despite mobile-first. The only thing you need to use this feature is a VoIP provider. We recommend our partner Peoplefone, which lets you make calls to the Swiss landline network for an unrivaled 3 Swiss centimes per minute and to the mobile network for just 25 Swiss centimes per minute.

Taste Met?

If the Acer X6E 5G CPE is the router you’re looking for, then look no further. In our store you can get the versatile router at a discount and with a whole year of mobile Internet included so you can get started right away.

If you are looking for a smaller or more mobile device with an integrated battery, take a look at our other router bundles. We love good mobile routers and therefore offer them at particularly attractive conditions. It’s worth taking a look!

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