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Which Laptops Have a Sim Card Slot?

With our offerings, we are fully committed to cellular. Mobile Internet for everyone and everything. To be able to use these offers, however, you need a SIM- or eSIM-enabled device. What has always been standard for smartphones and tablets is still a rarity for laptops. Even though we are becoming more and more mobile with our devices, including our notebooks, there is only a very manageable range of laptops with a cellular connection or with a SIM card slot. Manufacturers are slowly but surely catching up and new products are constantly coming onto the market. It's not always clear which SIM-enabled notebooks are currently being sold in Switzerland and who they are intended for. We introduce you to two devices and explain why we see SIM-enabled notebooks as the future of mobile working.


Samsung Galaxy Book Go - The Low-Priced Lightweight

An LTE-capable notebook can quickly run into money. This is different with the Samsung Galaxy Book Go. The slim 14-inch notebook is repeatedly offered at prices below 400 Swiss francs and offers a solid build, portable design and, with up to 18 hours of battery runtime, enough power to cope with the typical daily routine in the office or at university. The fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Kryo 468 processor also enables a stable and fast Internet connection via 4G LTE. At a handy 220 grams, the device weighs practically nothing and is super portable. The notebook has a physical SIM card slot on the casing's side and can also be purchased from our partner Digitec , among others.


Geöffnetes Samsung Galaxy Book Go schräg von vorne.
The Samsung Galaxy Book Go - An affordable everyday companion for digital nomads


Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon - The Powerhouse

The sixth-generation Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is more expensive, but tailor-made for the modern business routine of a digital nomad. The built-in Intel Core i7 processor with up to 4 GHz and 16 GB RAM provides enough speed to cope with everyday business. The 57Wh battery provides the 4G notebook with up to 19 hours of runtime and thus enables the greatest possible independence throughout the day. The case is made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic and magnesium and thus combines the greatest possible stability with a quite portable weight of 1.1kg. The price of around 2300 francs may not fit into every budget, but is fair considering the specifications. More detailed information and the product itself can also be found at our partners Digitec, Brack and Conrad.


Geöffnetes Lenovo ThinPad X1 Carbon von vorne.
The Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon - equipped for all tasks.


Why Sim-Enabled Notebooks Are the Future

Despite the increasingly broad range of tablets, notebooks remain attractive for mobile work. In particular, work that requires long typing sessions or is computationally intensive is still mostly done using notebooks. Connectivity via cellular has been available for these devices since 4G+ and will lead to efficient and fully mobile work with 5G at the latest. The current mobile communications standards allow connection speeds that are often on a par with those in the office, and Rates with unlimited data volume enable carefree working at any location. The advantage of this location-independent and individual Internet connection is now causing manufacturers to follow suit and more and more notebooks are becoming LTE or 5G capable. Most of these devices still use a physical SIM card and 4G LTE, but with 5G and eSIM, the mobile connectivity of notebooks should be even easier and faster to use in the near future. Currently, no notebook is equipped with an eSIM, but that is only a question of time.


Frau draussen am Arbeiten an einem Laptop und verbunden über das Mobilfunknetz.
Independent of WLANs and hotspots thanks to cellular - This is true remote working

The advantages for users are obvious: If you connect a notebook directly to the mobile network, you're always online. Open it up, get started, and you're done. No more annoying hotspot setup, no more slow insecure public WLAN, everything integrated and on one device. In addition, cellular also provides an individual secured connection for the device, which makes working with sensitive data on the go even more secure. We already discussed these advantages in an earlier article .

We have also already discussed why we think cellular is a promising choice for Internet connectivity at home in another article . With SIM-enabled notebooks, the application area of 4G and 5G is now sensibly extended to mobile working outside the home. The increasing trend of remote working and the growing need for location-independent connectivity make SIM-enabled notebooks products in demand. We believe it is only a matter of time before connectivity via cellular becomes a standard in this product segment as well. We already supply the necessary data SIM, graded according to the required speed, including 5G and, of course, as an eSIM!

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