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Networked Laptops

If you have to keep a lot of appointments and still don’t want to do without the advantages of a dedicated and secure Internet connection, you can create an attractive all-in-one solution for your backpack with a SIM-enabled notebook. We present two devices and explain why we see SIM-enabled notebooks as the future of mobile working.

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5G Home Internet Setup

5G Home Internet - How to Set It up Successfully

Mobile internet is simple, independent and fast. So fast, in fact, that more and more people are connecting their Wi-Fi at home to the internet via 5G. However, there are some important differences between mobile internet and the classic DSL or fiber optic option. If you take these into account when setting up your home Internet, nothing will stand in the way of a successful 5G home Internet connection!

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Welche Internetgeschwindigkeit benötige ich für meine IP Kamera

What Internet Speed Do I Need for My IP Camera?

Keeping an eye on everything can sometimes be quite difficult. Maybe it’s the vacation home in the Alps, the garage of your own company or the scout house. IP cameras can be an uncomplicated solution for little money to keep an eye on things remotely. Thanks to 5G, this is also possible completely independently of a local Wi-Fi network. The only question that remains is the required bandwidth.

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Apple erweitert mit iOS 17 die Dual SIM Features

Apple Expands Dual-SIM Features

Android users have been familiar with the functions for quite some time. Now, Apple has caught up with iOS 17 and allows iPhone users to fully utilize their dual-SIM or dual-eSIM configuration for the first time. The new messaging features and the phone app should be particularly popular.

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What Internet Speed Do I Need for My Laptop?

After 4G or 5G laptops were a typical niche product for a long time, they can be found more and more in retailers’ assortments. Numerous manufacturers also offer their models with a SIM slot. So it’s time to specify our speed recommendation for laptops so that you can be optimally connected anytime and anywhere.

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How to Switch Providers Without Any Problems

If you want to cancel a cell phone contract and switch providers, you are often confronted with tedious hurdles. Entire departments specialize in dissuading you from canceling your contract with price reductions or other benefits. You can save yourself this gauntlet! We will help you!

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Can Malware Hide Behind an eSIM?

QR codes are super useful and also carry the information for installing eSIM profiles on your smartphone, among other things. The downside: QR codes can also lead users to dubious websites for the purpose of phishing or malware infection. So are eSIM codes also potential malware sources?

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What Internet Speed Do I Need for My Router?

Very few people want to make compromises when it comes to their router at home. High-speed Internet sells like hot cakes, even though many users barely use their bandwidth. To ensure that you only pay for what you really need, we have added our speed recommendations for routers and hotspots.

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What Internet Speed Do I Need for My Tablet?

Digital Republic recommends an Internet speed of 50 Mbits for tablets. However, there are big differences in usage behavior here as well. Tablets can be anything from a simple web browser for the couch to a mobile workstation or gaming console. We have supplemented our recommendation a bit so that you can find the right speed for your specific case.

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