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5G Router in Test

Which Are the Best 5G Routers?

In past articles, we have often discussed the fact that cellular also works for the Internet connection at home and also offers some advantages over fiber optics. LTE routers have meanwhile developed from a niche product to popular devices in Swiss households and with the expansion of the 5G infrastructure, 5G routers are also becoming more and more popular. Reason enough to present our three favorites among the 5G routers after the LTE routers! 


What Makes a Good 5G Router?

Basically, 5G routers behave exactly like the LTE routers we introduced to you in last year's article "LTE routers in test". The big difference lies in the possibilities that the newer 5G mobile standard offers compared to LTE (4G) in the areas of latency and bandwidth. The 5G standard already enables practical speeds of up to 2 Gbit/s in Switzerland. Theoretically, even up to 10 Gbit/s would be possible with an optimally expanded 5G network, but we are not quite there yet in this country. For most applications at home, however, speeds well below the currently possible 2 Gbit/s are sufficient without any problems.

Another advantage of 5G is the number of devices that can communicate simultaneously via a cell tower. Up to one million devices per square kilometer are possible here, in contrast to 100,000 with LTE. The speed and network capacity of the new mobile communications standard is therefore in a range that could also easily replace the home connections in a modern city. In addition to the mobility of the Internet connection, a 5G router also allows the user to benefit from the usual contract conditions in the mobile communications market. These are often more flexible and free than those of the classic Internet providers. You can find more detailed information about these advantages in the articles "Cellular for your home" or "5G also works at home!".


Our Top Picks Among 5G Routers


Acer 5G Hotspot Connect M5: The Compact Battery Marvel

Price from 375.-

Der Acer 5G Hotspot Connect M5 in Frontalansicht.
Source: manufacturer

This compact 5G hotspot scores with simple design, a long-lasting battery, and enough connectivity for a WLAN with up to 32 simultaneously connected devices. The router can also be connected directly to the Internet via an Ethernet cable if the 5G connection is only to be used as a failover solution. The small form factor and low weight of just 190 grams belies the feature set a bit, as the router offers up-to-date dual-band connectivity via 2.4 GHz (802.11 b/g/n/ax) or 5 GHz (802.11 a/n/ac/ax) WiFi and can also be used as a power bank for the laptop or smartphone on the go (USB-C).

The battery has a generous 6,460 mAh and should thus cover most mobile applications without any problems. For us, this small 5G router is an attractive all-in-one package for everyone who likes it as simple and mobile as possible. By the way, the router is also available directly from us as a Bundle at a very low price and coupled with a whole year of High-Speed Internet Flat 2000 for half the price.


The Well-Known All-Rounder: AVM Fritz!Box 6850 5G

Price from 495.-

AVM FRITZ!Box 6850 5G in Frontalansicht.
Source: manufacturer

Those who know and love the Fritz! devices from AVM will not be surprised. With the stationary 5G router FRITZ!Box 6850 5G, AVM delivers a strong product with a wide range of functions and all the technical tricks that Fritz! users are used to. The dual-band router supports all common frequency bands and can easily be operated as a WLAN mesh with other Fritz! devices. An integrated alignment aid makes it easy to find the best location at home, and an integrated DECT-based telephone system allows the operation of up to 6 wireless and one analog telephone. The pre-installed Fritz!OS also provides a strong firewall and the ability to run a separate guest network, providing guests with Internet access without granting access to the rest of the network. You almost can't expect more from a router, which is why the FRITZ!Box 6850 5G has grabbed a prominent place in the middle of our favorites. The router is always available at reduced prices from various retailers, so a look at special offers can be worthwhile.


Netgear Orbi 5G WiFi Router NBK752-100EUS: For Business and Power Users

Price from 1'130.-

Produktbild des Netgear Orbi Mesh-Systems mit Router und Satellit.
Source: manufacturer

Now it's getting serious. Netgear's Orbi 5G mesh system lets you network anything that's WiFi compatible over an area of up to 350 square meters. The set, consisting of a router and satellite, offers the highest WiFi 6 speeds of up to 4.2 Gbps for up to 40 devices simultaneously. The built-in quad-core processor is clocked at 1.4 GHz and allows implicit and explicit beamforming for 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands, enabling lightning-fast and simultaneous data streaming on multiple devices. Security is guaranteed by NETGEAR Armor™ WLAN security using 128-bit AES encryption with PSK. 

Ein wahres Powerhouse, mit dem sich problemlos ein ganzer Familienhaushalt oder ein mittelgrosses Büro vernetzen lässt. Die Einrichtung ist in wenigen Schritten erledigt und dank kompromissloser Hardware vergisst man fast, was einem da mit dem Internet verbindet. Weil wir aus eigener Erfahrung wissen, dass gewisse Situationen starke Hardware verlangen, bieten wir auch diese High-End Lösung zu Spezialkonditionen als Bundle in unserem Shop an!


Is Your Dream Router Included?

All of the devices presented are also available individually on the market. So if you don't want to buy an annual package with your router right away, you can also buy your desired device separately and benefit from the free trial month of our SIM cards. This way, you can test at your leisure how well our network works in your location and also choose the right speed from our tariffs .

You can find out which speed you actually need for your applications in this article. If you are already well served with 4G, take a look at our LTE-Router Test or directly at the other Bundles. If you are still unsure whether cellular really works as an Internet connection at home, you can also use a smartphone to test the speeds that are possible for you during the free trial month.

Have fun surfing!

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