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Whether 4G or 5G, mobile Internet has long since arrived on your smartphone. So why not simply network your home via mobile communications? The bandwidths are perfectly adequate for the applications you need at home. We'll show you the advantages of mobile Internet via LTE or 5G routers and how you too can network your home via mobile communications.


Why Cellular Is the Right Choice for You:

Connectivity is important to you, but you also value mobility and flexibility. Maybe you commute between locations or want to take your Internet connection outdoors. With a traditional wired connection, your Internet access is tied to your home. You may not even be able to choose your provider, as not all cable providers are available everywhere. If you move, you have to re-register your connection, and if you need a connection for your vacation home or second home, you pay twice. Mobility and digital freedom look different.

The solution in this case: mobile routers! They are available in 4G or 5G versions, they have a long-lasting battery and they create a WLAN at the push of a button that behaves exactly like you are used to from the usual solution via cable connection. Insert the SIM card, turn it on, and you're done.


The Three Most Important Advantages of Mobile Routers at a Glance:

  • Independence from cable connections
    Your Internet is wherever you are. Whether you're moving house, going on vacation, or commuting between two apartments. You simply take your router and your entire WLAN setup with you. That's true wireless!

  • Greatest flexibility for your digital needs
    Thanks to the data SIM, you'll be online wherever there's a mobile network. If you choose Digital Republic as your provider, you can even adjust your desired bandwidth on the go and on a monthly basis, so you never pay for something you don't need.

Why We Are the Right Partner for Your Connectivity:

Whether you want to network your smart home, need internet in multiple locations, or you're just looking for a straightforward solution for your new home, the possibilities of an LTE or 5G connection are far-reaching and tempting. With a data SIM card from Digital Republic, the whole range of these possibilities is open to you. We don't have any usage restrictions or fixed contracts. You are free to decide where and how you want to use your data SIM. You can adjust the tariff and thus your desired speed on a monthly basis, just as you like; and because the use in a router is so suitable, you can use our router bundles Connectivity can be this simple!

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