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Apple Expands Dual-SIM Features

Small Changes - Big Difference!

Sometimes it's the little things that make a big difference. Dual-SIM configurations are commonplace, especially in the business context. Those who want to separate work and private life usually use different phone numbers and accordingly different SIM cards or eSIMs. However, Apple has long had a different focus here, until now! With the update to iOS 17, Apple gives its users interesting features in the phone and messaging app. They are small changes, but they make a big difference for those who rely on dual-SIM.


iMessage - Order in Messages

People who use two numbers to separate their private and work lives, for example, usually don't want to reply with the wrong number or mix private and business chat histories. Now, on iPhones with iOS 17 , message histories can be sorted by SIM.


iPhone mit geöffneter iMessage App


You can decide for yourself whether you only want to see messages from phone number 1 or phone number 2. This not only creates a better overview, but also prevents you from replying with the wrong number or in a wrong chat in the stress of everyday life.


iPhone mit geöffneter iMessage App und Filter nach SIM


Phone App - Separate Ringtones and More!

If you use multiple numbers, you also want to know which number is being called at any given time. That's why you can now define separate ringtones for each SIM or eSIM with iOS 17. For example, you can choose your favorite song as the ringtone for your private SIM and something more serious, like a classic office ringtone, for the business SIM.

Also, when you call someone back, you can now decide which number you want to call from. This is especially useful when you call back to an unknown number but don't want to use your primary number ( think call center).

Rounding out the new phone features is an improved voicemail that even shows you instant transcripts of what was said when you forward someone to your mailbox. How well this works in Swiss German remains to be seen.


The Easiest Way to Benefit From Dual-SIM

A dual-SIM setup has many advantages. You can separate your business from your personal life, use a separate number for two-factor authentication and registration so you don't have to reveal your main number, and dual-SIM also allows you to test a new provider without having to change your subscription or port your number right away.

Of course, a secondary number (especially if it is only used sporadically) should not cost too much and should not tie you to an additional contract. That's why Digital Republic's rates are particularly well suited for a dual-SIM or dual-eSIM configuration.



By the way, you can test Digital Republic both as a SIM and as an eSIM for one month free of charge! Without a contract and without having to deposit a payment method.

So whether you simply need a separate number for incoming SMS and calls, a data flat rate alongside your prepaid subscription from another provider, or a full-fledged second cell phone subscription: Digital Republic offers complete freedom.

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