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Free Trial Month! - Now Also Available With eSIM!

The eSIM is becoming more and more prevalent. With the launch of the iPhone 15 - also in Europe and Switzerland - the days of the physical SIM card are probably finally numbered. Exciting times are ahead, and of course connectivity should not become a frustration. So that you can test Digital Republic's eSIM just as freely and without obligation as the physical SIM cards, we have extended the free trial month to our eSIM offer. For you, this means: You can test the Digital Republic eSIM free of charge for one month, without having to deposit any payment, even in addition to your existing subscription with another provider.


You Should Be Able to Test a Cell Phone Subscription!

There are many mobile providers on the market, and even though many use the same networks, the experience for you as a customer can vary quite a bit. So whether a subscription is a good fit for your needs is not always easy to guess when it comes to signing a new contract.

So it would be fair if you could test the service before paying anything for it, as is also common with streaming services.


Digital Republic Free Trial - Now Also With eSIM!

What previously only worked for Digital Republic's physical SIM cards is now also possible with the eSIM. If you register with Digital Republic for the first time and are registered at a residential address in Switzerland, you can now also benefit from a free trial month with the eSIM.

This is especially cool with the eSIM, because you can also run it alongside your existing subscription in dual SIM configuration. So you don't have to switch your number to Digital Republic right away, but can run the subscription alongside your existing subscription without any obligation and test it thoroughly for a month. If you want to stay and take your number with you, you simply order a new eSIM and port your mobile number to it and you're in!


eSIMfähiges iPhone

By the way, you don't even need to deposit a payment method for the free trial month. You are not bound to a minimum contract period or anything similar and can test the service without any obligation.

Since Digital Republic doesn't have a minimum contract term or cancellation period, and you don't have a payment method, you can simply let the plan expire if you don't want to stay after the trial. No complicated phone calls, no cancellation via chat, no unnecessary stress.


Activate Your eSIM in 5 Minutes!

Only at Digital Republic you can activate your eSIM in a few minutes, all digitally, without visiting a store or waiting for mail, in 5 minutes you can get started. Promised.


Here's how it works:

  1. select your preferred rate on and click on "Activate eSIM now".
  2. Follow the steps for registration and enter your personal data so that we can activate the mobile connection in your name.
  3. in the check out you will see your order listed again and you can confirm it. You will then see the QR code of your eSIM in your customer portal.

These steps can be completed in about 5 minutes and your eSIM will be active immediately as soon as you load it onto your smartphone.

Have fun testing! We look forward to seeing you!

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Digital Republic SIM Karte

Test now with no strings attached

Put Digital Republic through its paces with your mobile devices for a month - at no cost and no termination notice.