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Bondage Belongs in the Bedroom, Not in a Mobile Contract

Let's face it, the offers on the mobile market can sometimes be very confusing. Those who look around are confronted with numerous promotions and savings packages and are usually spoiled for choice even on the networks of the major providers. To ensure that connectivity does not become a choice of agony for customers, the contract design should be as free and fair as possible. That's our opinion, and that's why we want to put our money where our mouth is. At Digital Republic, if you want to, you can easily cancel your contract in just three clicks. 


A Good Product Speaks for Itself

When it is no longer the product but the contract that binds the clientele, questionable priorities are set. The mobile communications market is full of changing offers and promotions. Providers are constantly undercutting each other with prices for Internet, telephony or roaming. So if you switch, you save money! At least that's how it often seems.

In reality, customers are usually confronted with minimum contract terms and complicated cancellation modalities. We remember numerous news articles in which all the tricks of the trade were revealed, from impossible terminations, exclusively written or telephone terminations, to high penalty fees, in order to keep dissatisfied customers. There are also already corresponding guide article, to protect customers from traps in the termination modalities. This is a regrettable state of affairs that completely contradicts our values as a progressive and, above all, fair provider.

Zwei Menschen bei Vertragsverhandlungen an einem Schreibtisch
Small print and hidden backsides? Not with us!

Good products should speak for themselves, and bad products should be adapted and improved to meet the needs of users. That is why we do not require minimum contract periods and make it as easy as possible for our customers to terminate their contracts. Simplified termination also motivates us as a provider to do our best every day. If you can cancel easily, you will do so quickly if you are dissatisfied. So our priority is our daily work, not restrictive contract gimmicks.


We Want You to Stay by Choice, Not Because You Have To!

Good network coverage, fast and friendly customer service, and the freedom to cancel the contract at any time are the decisive points for most people when choosing a provider. We not only want to strive for these points, but guarantee them!

  • With the Sunrise infrastructure, we have a network that regularly wins awards for excellent network coverage .
  • We invest in a competent team of supporters who will help you with any problems as quickly and easily as possible.
  • With clear terms and conditions and a personal customer portal, we allow you to cancel your subscription at any time and without penalty.

By the way, we provide you with our SIM cards free of charge for the first 30 days so that you can test our offers without any obligation. This allows you to test whether our service suits you and you don't have to make any further commitments. If you are satisfied, you simply deposit a means of payment and you are already perfectly networked.


How to Cancel With Just Three Clicks

If you no longer need your subscription or want to cancel it for any other reason, we don't want to put unnecessary obstacles in your way. That's why we stay true to ourselves and allow you to cancel your subscription with the same fairness and transparency that we offer when selling.

Vertrag mit Vorhängeschloss durch die Seiten abgeschlossen.
No hurdles when buying, no hurdles when canceling. For us, that's only logical.

In your personal Cockpit , you can easily cancel your contract with just two clicks. To do so, open the "Manage Subscription" option of the subscription you want to cancel in your Cockpit and you're ready to go:

  1. Click on "manage" for the desired device.
  2. Then click on the "Switch off" link in the "Automatic renewal" line.

After that, your subscription will continue until the booked days of the current month are used up and then the SIM will be paused. 

Not in the mood for online portals? No problem! You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending an e-mail to or, in oldschool fashion, by registered letter.

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