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Mit der Smartwatch gegen Doom Scrolling

With the Smartwatch Against Doom Scrolling

Many of us know it: It’s not good for our mental health and general well-being if we spend hours of our day blindly scrolling through feeds. There are many possible solutions, and quite a few of us have even dispensed with our smartphones altogether. Are there less radical alternatives? Interestingly, smartwatches of all things seem to offer a simple way out. Provided they have an independent cellular connection.

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Endlich die Digital Republic Watch SIM ist da

Finally! The Digital Republic Watch SIM Is Here!

Digital Republic offers mobile Internet for everyone and everything and, of course, smartwatches could be operated with a standalone SIM from Digital Republic without any problems until now. However, because calls or messages are usually received via the same number as on the smartphone, a new solution was needed: the Watch SIM!

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Digital Republic Sets New Standards With Its eSIM Offering

Three years ago, Digital Republic already started using the eSIM. With three innovations, Digital Republic is on its way to becoming THE eSIM provider in Switzerland. Digital Republic now also offers the eSIM for the Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch. In addition, new customers can now also test Digital Republic’s eSIM for 30 days free of charge. And only at Digital Republic can the eSIM be activated and surfed in less than 5 minutes.

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Den gratis Testmonat gibt es jetzt auch mit eSIM!

Free Trial Month! - Now Also Available With eSIM!

The possibility of testing Digital Republic’s rates for a month without obligation is very popular with our new customers. With the eSIM, the free trial month was not possible until now. We have changed that now! So you can test Digital Republic even faster and easier, without having to wait for a SIM card and even alongside your existing subscription!

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Everything You Need to Know About the eSIM!

Digital Republic is an eSIM provider from the very beginning and we are working hard on the latest features and the best eSIM experience in Switzerland! So that you are also fit for the future, if you have not yet dealt with the eSIM, we have compiled in this post in 10 questions what you need to know about the eSIM.

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Can Malware Hide Behind an eSIM?

QR codes are super useful and also carry the information for installing eSIM profiles on your smartphone, among other things. The downside: QR codes can also lead users to dubious websites for the purpose of phishing or malware infection. So are eSIM codes also potential malware sources?

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eSIM, but Simple Please!

The time has already come in the USA, and the first eSIM-only smartphones are likely to be launched here soon as well. It is high time for providers to create an eSIM offering that meets the new demands of users. We’ve been on board since the very beginning and deliver the magic ingredient right away: Simplicity.

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