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eSIM, but Simple Please!

Because the New iPhones Deserve Nothing Less

The news was big when Apple introduced the iPhone 14 as an eSIM-only device in the US in fall 2022. Industry insiders are certain that the iPhone 15 will also appear eSIM-only in Europe in fall 2023. The experience from the USA also shows that mobile providers should take this new standard into account so that users can also enjoy the advantages of this progress. The magic word here: simplicity!


The eSIM Offerings Still Have Room for Improvement in Switzerland

As recently as the summer of 2022, Swiss telecom expert, Ralf Beyeler, took a scathing look at the eSIM offerings of Swiss mobile providers in an interview with Digital Republic:


"There, you then buy a cardboard card on which the QR code for the eSIM is printed. It's a complete mystery to me how you can come up with a process like that.

It makes me wonder what the product managers were smoking when they developed these processes, that they're selling a completely digital product in physical stores instead of over the Internet."

Ralf Beyeler, Telecom Expert Moneyland


Even though a lot has happened since then with regard to eSIM offerings in Switzerland, the process described still exists almost one year later.


The eSIM Also Works Simple - And Very Simple

With the eSIM, the last physical step in the process of linking to the mobile Internet is dropped. Picking up or sending and finally inserting the SIM card into the smartphone is no longer necessary. Accordingly, a QR code is sent digitally with the eSIM or called up in the account at the same time as the account is created with the mobile network provider. This is scanned with the cell phone and the connection to the mobile Internet is established. A matter of 10 minutes - maximum!


eSIMfähiges iPhone


Try Something New With the eSIM

The simple use and activation of the eSIM enables new forms of mobile Internet use. Whereas until now one user, one provider, one smartphone, one phone number was the rule, this rigid use is being broken up with the eSIM, the various virtual eSIM profiles and the dual eSIM, i.e. the simultaneous use of two different providers and networks.

Our customers are already demonstrating what is possible with the eSIM:

  • A data flat eSIM from Digital Republic and prepaid telephony from another provider as a dual SIM (great for people who make few calls).
  • A private eSIM with data flat and telephony from Digital Republic and a foreign eSIM for vacations (Ideal for cross-border commuters or frequent travelers)
  • A data eSIM with low bandwidth for the low-cost connection of the fitness tracker or the children's smartwatch.


Digital Republic Makes eSIM Easy!

As an eSIM provider from the very beginning, Digital Republic has made it its business to offer eSIM profiles as simply and flexibly as possible. That's why you can manage all eSIMs yourself via your Customer Portal , order additional profiles in no time, or even pause or deactivate them.


Smartphone und Laptop mit geöffnetem Digital Republic Kundenportal


All Digital Republic Rates come with unlimited data volume, no minimum contract term or cancellation period, and include 5G.

For more information on eSIM technology and news about the development of the eSIM, please visit .

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