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eSIM and Its Advantages

What You Should Know About the eSIM for Your Smartphone

The SIM card recently turned 30 years old. After 30 years of development - from the SIM card to the mini-SIM, micro-SIM and finally the nano-SIM - the near future belongs to what is for the time being the last and probably most revolutionary development step forward - the eSIM. For some, the eSIM is (still) a foreign word, for others it is already part of daily conversation. This much is evident: the eSIM will replace the classic SIM card. We'll show you what the eSIM can do and how you can order and activate an eSIM.

What Is the eSIM?

Unlike the SIM card, the eSIM is permanently installed in the device. Accordingly, the 'e' of the eSIM stands for 'embedded'. It therefore cannot be switched out physically. Instead, several eSIM profiles can be stored digitally on the eSIM. The eSIM uses the same specifications as normal SIM cards. Therefore, they are compatible with each other and it makes no difference which SIM type you use. However, there are some advantages to using an eSIM.

Simpler, More Flexible, Faster

First of all, there are pragmatic reasons in favor of an eSIM. There is no longer any need to fiddle with the physical SIM card. The eSIM is embedded directly in the device. You also no longer have to search for a SIM ejector tool to remove your old SIM card from your smartphone. For the clumsy among us: You can't lose the eSIM either.

It's easier to switch networks. With an eSIM, it's much easier to change mobile networks. Instead of ordering a new SIM card, waiting for it to arrive, and then inserting it into your phone, you can switch to a different network online.

Temporarily switch to another network - with complete flexibility. Multiple virtual eSIM profiles can be stored on an eSIM at the same time. This means that you can quickly switch between different networks. With the eSIM, you can easily find the cheapest provider abroad and use it for surfing or making calls. The same applies to domestic calls. If you are not satisfied with your provider, the eSIM makes it easier than ever to switch to another provider.

Use more than one SIM card. eSIMs offer the same advantages as dual-SIM phones with two slots for traditional plastic SIMs, the most obvious being that you can have two phone numbers in one device. This can be handy if you need one number for personal use and another for work, but don't want to carry around two phones. You can receive calls and SMS with both numbers all the time and choose which SIM card you want to use for calls, SMS or data usage.

eSIM also scores with the environmentally conscious.  Since there is no need to send the card by mail and everything is processed digitally, fewer resources are consumed and wasted. The cardholder in which the conventional physical SIM card is otherwise embedded is also eliminated. Less material, fewer resources, fewer emissions - the environment thanks you.

eSIM at Digital Republic

You own an eSIM-enabled device and the above advantages have convinced you? Then go for it! Create an account in the Customer Portalif you don't already have one, select the option 'Activate eSIM', scan the sent QR code with your smartphone and you are connected to the Internet.

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