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With the Smartwatch Against Doom Scrolling

Smartphones and feeds belong together like the Internet and cat videos. The elongated touchscreens are made for scrolling and light entertainment from time to time. This " snacking " quickly adds up to more than 3 hours per day, especially for the younger ones among us. The phenomenon is called "doom scrolling" and is increasingly seen as a reason for bad moods, lack of concentration and even sleep problems. The fact that we carry our smartphones around with us all the time doesn't help, of course, but being completely offline seems more difficult than ever in modern everyday life. Smartwatches, of all things, could provide a remedy here. Provided you keep a few things in mind when using the smart wearables.


Smaller Screen, Smaller Temptation

Smartphones have long since ceased to be mere "phones". Rather, we carry small tablet computers around with us that have displays designed for consuming content. They are becoming more and more brilliant, faster, and on many smartphones they are permanently on and show us at least the current time, the weather, and (very important) notifications.

Especially because the displays fit in the pocket and still offer a comfortable size for reading text or watching videos, the temptation to scroll "real quick" is extremely high.

We hardly have this problem with smartwatches. Even though a smartwatch informs us even more closely and intuitively more obtrusively about messages or appointments, we usually don't look at the small display on our wrist for more than a few seconds.

The writing and the screen area are simply too small for us to want to interact with the screen for longer than necessary. A fact that you can take advantage of for the purpose of digital detox.


Smartwatch and Smartphone - The Gap Is Closing

The first smartwatches could not hold a candle to smartphones in terms of functionality, and even today hardly anyone would think of being connected to the world exclusively via a Fitbit. However, the range of functions, especially of the Apple and Samsung Galaxy Watch ranges, has become so similar to that of a smartphone that you can probably get through everyday life without any problems with just the smartwatch.

Current smartwatches that are connected to the mobile network via an eSIM can do almost everything that your smartphone can do. They can make phone calls, send messages, have navigation functions, allow payments via Google or Apple Wallet, and can even store QR and barcodes for tickets or loyalty cards.

All you need for this setup is a capable smartwatch and a Watch SIM. The Watch SIM is an eSIMthat allows you to share the rate of your cell phone subscription with the smartwatch. This means that you can be reached via your usual number, but completely independently of your smartphone. Digital Republic offers you the cheapest Watch SIM in Switzerland for only 4 francs per month in addition to your main tariff.


Integrate Technology Into Your Life, Not the Other Way Around!

Of course, it might seem strange to wear a smartwatch in order to be less distracted by a smartphone. However, those who belong to the group of the population that cannot (or do not want to) do without the functions of a smartphone in everyday life and are quickly captivated by the handy Retina display at the same time could find a suitable alternative to the smartphone in everyday life with a smartwatch with SIM.


Die Apple Watch lässt sich super als Alternative zum Smartphone verwenden, wenn ihr mal etwas weniger Screentime in eurem Alltag wollt.


Simply leaving the smartphone at home becomes easier in many situations with a smartwatch:

Do you like to do sports, but want to listen to music and be reachable in case of an emergency or be able to reach someone yourself? With a smartwatch with Watch SIM, you can leave your smartphone at home while you jog and still stream your music as usual or make an emergency call if necessary. Even if you spontaneously want to buy a little something on the way back, it's no problem thanks to Google or Apple Wallet.

You want to be undisturbed and still be able to use Google Maps or stay informed about the weather? Then leave the tempting smartphone at home, switch your smartwatch to "do not disturb" and enjoy your free time as consciously and undisturbed as you want. From an afternoon stroll to a mountain hike, you'll stay connected just in case, without having to keep your smartphone in your pocket.

Sometimes we all need to be able to concentrate and work undisturbed. Especially in an office environment or in the home office, however, the smartphone can quickly lie next to the keyboard and an answered message becomes a short news session, then the Insta-Likes are briefly checked and the work process is already interrupted and 10 minutes are wasted. With an appropriate smartwatch, your smartphone doesn't even have to come to work with you or can stay in your drawer or backpack without having to do without telephony and messaging.

Digital Republic Has the Perfect SIM for Your Smartwatch

Gained flexibility should not cost too much money. That's why Digital Republic has made its Watch SIM the cheapest in Switzerland. You can add a Watch SIM to your existing subscription for just 4 francs a month and easily share your mobile number and data connection with your Apple or Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Watch SIM aktivieren im Digital Republic Kundenportal

Digitally, of course, and without much effort. Everything you need to do can be done in just a few minutes in your Digital Republic customer portal. Find out how it works here.

If you are not yet with Digital Republic, take a look at our offers! Now you can also make use of a free trial month with eSIM , without contract commitment and without depositing a means of payment! An absolute no-brainer!

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