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Finally! The Digital Republic Watch SIM Is Here!

Share your Digital Republic subscription with your Samsung or Apple Watch!

We are the No. 1 eSIM provider and can proudly say we have the simplest, fastest and most flexible eSIM offering on the Swiss market. Unfortunately, however, as we were often told by our customers, we did not have the most complete offering. That's coming to an end now! Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular, and for many they are already faithful companions in everyday life or for sports. Most of the time, smartwatches work via the smartphone's cellular connection. In some situations, however, it would be cool if the smartwatch could be connected without a smartphone. This is now possible! Thanks to the Watch SIM from Digital Republic.


Activate the Watch SIM for an Unbeatable 4 Francs per Month!

Digital Republic's Watch SIM should be available at a fair price. That's why we stay cost-covering and don't force you to pay more than necessary for the Watch SIM. This means that you can join for an unbeatable 4 francs per month! Without any minimum contract period or notice period. To ensure that everything runs smoothly when activating your Watch SIM, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions. There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that the Watch SIM works properly:

  1. In your customer portal , select the tariff for which you want to activate the Watch SIM.
  2. Click on the "Watch SIM" tab in the tariff management of the selected SIM and activate the Watch SIM for CHF 4 per month.
  3. Finally, activate the Watch SIM on your smartwatch.
Laptop mit geöffnetem Digital Republic Kundenportal und Watch SIM Reiter

Die Deaktivierung der Watch SIM ist ebenfalls über die Tarifverwaltung im Kundenportal möglich. Kickt hierzu im Reiter “Watch SIM” einfach auf “deaktivieren”. Solltet ihr bei der Aktivierung auf eurer Smartwatch nicht weiterkommen, richtet euch nach den Anleitungen für eure Apple Watch. Entsprechende Wegleitungen findet ihr hier:

Apple Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Attention: So far, we can only guarantee the functionality of the Watch SIM for Smartwatches from the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch line and only within the Apple or Samsung ecosystem. The Watch SIM is not roaming-capable for cost protection reasons. So you can only use the mobile data connection of the Watch SIM within Switzerland.


This Is What the Digital Republic Watch SIM Offers You

You may be wondering what advantage the Watch SIM offers you when you could actually just choose a low Digital Republic rate.

A standalone tariff from Digital Republic, such as our Flat 1, is actually also suitable for smartwatches with a SIM slot. However, many smartwatches primarily work in conjunction with a smartphone via app. In addition, you will receive a new phone number with a standalone solution, which is not always desired.

For example, if you want to leave your smartphone at home while jogging, but still be reachable via your regular phone number, you need the Watch SIM. It shares your cell phone subscription with your smartwatch and uses the same phone number accordingly.

The big advantage of the Watch SIM is that you can use your smartwatch as a cell phone replacement completely independently of your smartphone.


Frau mit Smartwatch beim Sport

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