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They were in all the media: the changes to the terms and conditions of the major mobile providers in Switzerland. Last week, a comparison by Kassensturz also showed that not all that glitters is gold when it comes to pricing and offers. From countdowns on discounts that simply renew after expiration to lifetime discounts, but where the base price can change, it was all there. Digital Republic customers can breathe a sigh of relief. Not because Digital Republic performs a miracle service, but simply because you hardly have to make any commitments with us.

Freedom for Users

The question of why Digital Republic does not offer included roaming volumes or sell rates with discounted devices comes up again and again. Many providers rely on bundles and put together attractive all-inclusive packages, which are, however, usually linked to certain conditions such as long contract periods or payment agreements.

Digital Republic takes a different approach. The goal of Digital Republic’s offerings is the greatest possible freedom for users. That’s why we do without bundles where they are not absolutely necessary and limit ourselves solely to the bundling of mobile routers.

Netgear Mobile Router with Digital Republic Flat 300 SIM card
We only combine what belongs together! For example, our data SIM cards and mobile routers.

Staying true to this philosophy also means not creating unnecessary bundles for either hardware or services. You don’t need telephony or SMS? You don’t want to pay for roaming because you won’t be traveling abroad this year? You want to pause your tariff because you’re going to be offline for a while? No problem.

We don’t know any cancellation periods, and you can also do without minimum contract periods without any problems if you simply renew your rates every month or not.

Only our annual packages have a term of 365 days. A pleasant choice for those who are happy with Digital Republic’s service and don’t want to bother with monthly billing.

Transparent Prices Without Trickery

If there’s one thing that’s annoying in the mobile market, it’s non-transparent offers. Discounts are almost the norm and change constantly (usually only for new customers, too). Countdowns supplement the promotions and suggest an urgency that is supposed to psychologically push you to buy.

Here, too, Digital Republic takes a different approach. Transparency for us means that you don’t have to deal with number games and that the costs for a certain service are as clear and constant as possible. That’s why we don’t calculate with “9.95” or “19.95 only for a short time!”, but simply with 4.-, 10.- or 20.- . Completely without countdown and even in two weeks still.

In this way, users can easily decide for themselves which services they want to use and understand the associated costs simply and clearly.

Customers-First! – Even if You Want to Leave

Finally, as a provider, dispensing with bundles and contract commitments gives us the motivation to really put our customers at the center. Anyone who can leave at any time will also do so if prices are increased unjustifiably or the service does not meet expectations.

Over the past few years, Digital Republic has earned a reputation as a particularly customer-friendly provider. Particular praise is given for precisely what actually seems rather unattractive from the provider’s point of view: the freedom to leave when you want and the flexibly adjustable Rates.

Hands in the air that have freed themselves from handcuffs
In our blog post “Connected Unbound”, we explained in more detail the design of our offering in terms of user freedom.

But the beauty of this freedom, despite the slightly higher entrepreneurial risk, is mutual. Neither you nor Digital Republic have to worry about the discount battles and changes in terms and conditions of the big players. You, because you are not bound to long contracts and Digital Republic, because we can save ourselves the effort of complicated campaigns and contractual disputes. A win-win situation for all involved.

Free, fair and progressive!

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