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Digital Republic Added New Roaming Packages!

Previously, Digital Republic’s roaming packages were limited to 100 MB or 1000 MB. Your demand has now changed that. Because many customers rely on roaming packages from their home provider even for longer trips abroad, Digital Republic has expanded the range of roaming packages. Especially in zone 1 (EU/USA) the roaming fees are within a range that remains attractive for most users. To make it even more attractive for you, we have also adjusted the pricing. In short: The right package for all cases.

These Are the New Roaming Packages:

A short visit to relatives in France, a long weekend in Berlin or a two-week vacation in the Netherlands? Data consumption is very individual on every trip, but one thing is clear: 1 GB is usually not enough. In this article, we have summarized what else you should consider in the event of theft or other loss of your smartphone.

Digital Republic has set itself the goal of offering all customers a suitable solution at a fair price. That’s why the new roaming packages cover 4 different scenarios.

1000 MB – For Short Stays and Thrifty People

Sometimes it doesn’t take much, we’ve been preaching that for a long time when it comes to connection speed. This also applies to data volumes abroad, especially when it’s a short stay or the data connection is only used sparingly.

So it still exists for all short-stayers and smart spenders: Our classic roaming package for 10 francs.

3000 MB – For a Comfortable 2 Weeks

Most Swiss people take two-week vacations. So that the vacation budget is not further stretched by the mobile data connection, we have introduced a package with 3 GB.

The great thing about the price: We’re giving you 1 GB for free! For 20 francs you are well supplied with 3000 MB data volume.

5000 MB – For the Extra Week or Frequent Users

You’re taking an extra week of vacation or don’t want to miss out on streaming or other data-intensive applications while abroad? No problem! With 5 GB, you can surf and stream without having to worry about a new roaming package too quickly.

By the way, you also save with this package: The 5 GB data volume is available for 30 francs with a validity of one year.

10,000 MB – Five Digits for a 50

Sometimes you transmit a lot of data even when you’re abroad. Be it because the vacation lasts a whole month (you lucky buggers), or because it’s a longer stay at work. In this case, roaming costs should be kept within reasonable limits a fortiori.

With the 10 GB roaming package, you will be taken care of in most cases. The data package is ideal for frequent travelers or longer vacations.

How to Activate the New Roaming Packages:

Activating the new roaming packages is easy via your customer portal. Simply log in to the customer portal, select the device you want to roam and click on “Manage”.

Smartphone with roaming tab open

In the management of your device, you can immediately see via the “Roaming” tab whether you already have an active roaming package that you can still use up. If not, simply tap on “Book package”.

Smartphone with all roaming tariffs on screen

All available roaming packages will then be displayed and you can select the one that suits you best from the new packages. Scroll down, tap on “Next” and then confirm the payment. Done!

365 Days Validity for All Roaming Packages

It happens again and again that a larger roaming package is booked as a precaution than necessary. In these cases you are on the safe side with Digital Republic, because all packages are valid for 365 days from activation.

You can use up the volume you have used for a whole year or book a reserve volume for the whole year. If you regularly travel to the EU or the USA, for example, a 10 GB package will still cost you 5 francs per gigabyte.

The new roaming packages are only valid for zone 1 (EU/USA). For the other zones, it may be worthwhile to use local providers due to the higher roaming charges. Alternatively, Digital Republic also offers roaming packages in these zones. You can find all rates in this overview.

We wish you a good journey!

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