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What Internet Speed Do I Need for My Device?

Connected devices in 2023 combine more applications than ever before. Smartphones bring with them the potential of full-blown computers, tablets become remote controls for the smart home, and the bell at the front door doubles as a locking system and surveillance camera. So when it comes to choosing the Internet speed, it’s often no longer the individual application that’s decisive, but the device and the entire spectrum of applications that the device is supposed to cover. So it’s time for a new overview. An overview of the right Internet speed for your devices!

This Is the Internet Speed We Recommend:

With the newly launched Digital Republic customer portal, we have moved into a new era and set a new focus. Internet speed is only a means to an end to make your devices and their integrated features usable. Few of you want to deal with different speeds, but simply get the right one for the device.

Customer portal Device selection

Your customer portal will suggest suitable Internet speeds for your device type. Our recommendation is based on average usage behavior, which we have discussed based on our experience as a provider.

Internet speed recommendation according to device selection

The most suitable speed can be slightly higher or lower than our recommendation depending on the device or personal use. However, the following overview already allows you to roughly estimate which speed is required for which devices.

Mobile Internet and telephony for your daily companion. With 10 Mbits, you’ll be connected fast enough for all your on-the-go interactions and streaming on public transport.

Ideal for: Calls, messaging, video streaming, surfing, social media

Recommended: 10 Mbits + voice and SMS

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Your tablet can do almost everything! And with 50 Mbits, the device becomes a versatile companion in your home, at the university or in the office. Even online meetings via video call are possible without any problems.

Ideal for: Office work, video calls, FullHD video streaming, surfing, social media.

Recommended: 50 Mbits

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Is your laptop your mobile workstation and entertainment device at the same time? With 300 Mbits, you can work fluidly in the cloud, no matter where you are, and if a 4k video stream or a gaming session is on the agenda after work, you’re already ready to go on the train.

Ideal for: Cloud-based work, video calls, gaming, 4k video streaming, browsing, social media.

Recommended: 300 Mbits

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The need for speed is often greatest at home, because in addition to the Smart TV and PC, various smartphones, laptops and Smart Home devices usually share the Internet connection. To prevent the router from becoming a bottleneck, we recommend 2000 Mbits here.

Ideal for: High-speed Internet for the whole household and up to 8 people.

Recommended: 2000 Mbits

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Sometimes the best router is a mobile router. No matter if you are a digital nomad, on tour with your camper or need a WLAN in your rustico in Ticino. With 300 Mbits, you can network your devices wherever you need a fast and uncomplicated WLAN.

Ideal for: High-speed Internet for all mobile applications or the vacation home.

Recommended: 300 Mbits

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GPS trackers and similar sensors usually only send small amounts of data. Accordingly, you do not need a high-speed connection here and can locate, measure or read out whatever you want cheaply and reliably with a lower speed of 0.4 Mbits.

Ideal for: Location data, measured values or similar.

Recommended: 0.4 Mbits

Smartwatches and other wearables offer more and more functions. Mostly, however, they primarily serve as fitness trackers and for receiving messages and location data. For these purposes, 1 Mbits is sufficient without any problems.

Ideal for: Message reception, location data, measurement values (fitness tracker).

Recommended: 1 Mbits

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Different cameras can also be networked! For still images, such as those transmitted by wildlife cameras or digital cameras with a cloud connection, 1 Mbits is sufficient. For live video, however, a faster rate should be selected.

Ideal for: Transmission of still images (ex. game camera / DSLR with cloud connection)

Recommended: 1 Mbits

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IoT devices are available for a wide variety of applications. In private use, however, they are usually used for status queries and remote control, for example for lights, heating or the sound system. A low speed of 1 Mbits is also sufficient for this.

Ideal for: Transmission of measured values, status queries, remote control commands.

Recommended: 1 Mbits

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Does your car already have a SIM slot? If so, you can stream music, receive messages, or even use the car as a mobile hotspot for your tablet or notebook at any time with 10 Mbits.

Ideal for: News, location data, music streaming

Recommended: 10 Mbits

For all other devices, 10 Mbits is a good starting point. If the speed is not sufficient, the rate can be adjusted in the customer portal immediately after activation.

Ideal for: Almost everything

Recommended: 10 Mbits

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Know Your Usage Behavior

In the end, even with our recommendations, your personal usage behavior will determine which speed is right for you. However, the recommendations are a good starting point and thanks to Digital Republic’s flexible rate system, you can adjust the speed to your needs at any time.

When you order a physical SIM card, you also benefit from a free trial month. During this time, you can test the connection at your location without any obligation and see if the Digital Republic solution works for you.

If you have any questions or problems, our competent support is available by phone or in writing.

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