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Tablets – 5G or Rather WI-FI?

Devices tend to merge over time. The cell phone, MP3 player, PDA, camera and flashlight have become the smartphone, and many people no longer need separate devices for these applications in everyday life. Since the advent of tablets, there has been a steady debate running through their development history: are tablets replacing laptops and/or even desktop computers? Opinions differ, but tablets have something ahead of laptops: They are truly mobile, and by that we mean SIM or eSIM capable. Nevertheless, the question often arises: Is the surcharge for integrated mobile connectivity in the tablet even worth it? We say – with a few exceptions – YES!

5G or Wi-Fi – A Multi-Layered Decision

The decision to buy a cellular tablet or a Wi-Fi tablet is often determined by price. The 5G tablets are more expensive than the Wi-Fi-only models and there are recurring costs for the data connection. Many conclude that it is hardly worth buying a cellular tablet.

One thing is clear: Anyone who surfs via 5G surfs independently of location and often also more securely and faster than in public WLANs. The recurring costs for the data connection can also be significantly reduced by choosing the right provider. Many mobile providers have recognized the potential and offer special rates for tablets.

Samsung tablet with classic home screen and pen
Compact, mobile and versatile – tablets are already powerful tools in their classic version

Digital Republic goes even further and allows you to pay for the mobile data connection only when you need it with data-only rates and flexible pausing. This allows you to stay connected flexibly when you need it, without making a multi-year commitment, as would be the case with some other providers.

Are you mainly working at home or in the office with your tablet? Then simply pause your subscription and save yourself the fees.

Going on vacation and want to be connected on the go with your tablet? Reactivate your subscription and only pay for the month you’re away. Incl. unlimited data volume and 5G in Switzerland.

5G Tablets Deliver the Better Mobile Work Experience

Finally, the question remains whether it is still appropriate for a mobile work device like a tablet to use a hotspot via cell phone in 2023. In any case, it does not help the smartphone’s battery and bandwidth.

In addition, not all cell phone providers allow the use of their SIM cards in mobile hotspots. Depending on the provider, this even includes the smartphone. In such a case, the smartphone’s hotspot function is only grayed out or not displayed at all.

So if you are on the road a lot and want to enjoy a seamless and stable working experience, a cellular tablet could be the perfect choice. Especially the Pro models of the various manufacturers shine not only with 5G, but also with a desktop mode and thus replace laptops in many cases in everyday business or at universities.

Samsung tablet with keyboard and trackpad in DeX mode
A desktop mode like Samsung DeX here and a keyboard with trackpad make tablets a light alternative to the laptop in the backpack.

The connection speed of 5G cellular is easily sufficient for all mobile applications, and the flexibility of mobile data rates with the right providers make tablets with a SIM slot an attractive complete package for more and more people.

For Whom Is a Cellular Tablet Worth It?

In principle, it is always worthwhile to have mobile devices that are also networked as mobilely as possible. However, because the purchase costs for a tablet can (still) be reduced by not using cellular, the more differentiated answer looks a bit different:

Those who value seamless mobile connectivity and rely on a flexible provider like Digital Republic are better equipped for all eventualities and in most cases better advised with a SIM-enabled tablet. 

On the other hand, users who mainly work on the tablet at home or in an office with a secure WLAN can save the surcharge for the cellular connection.

If you already have a cellular tablet and are still looking for a cheap connection, we recommend our Flat 10 rate for 10.- per month. Of course, it can be cancelled or paused monthly and has no hidden costs! You can find more information about our rates here.

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