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Turn the iPad Mobile in 5 Minutes – With the eSIM

It’ s a great feeling to hold a new iPad in your hands. Just ordered online, delivered the next day. It’s set up in no time and you can start surfing. At least at home with WiFi. But what if you want to take your tablet with you to read the newspaper on the train or work in a café?Then you better have purchased an iPad with ‘Wifi + Cellular’ so that you can connect it to the mobile Internet. If that’s the case for you, you can make your iPad mobile in just 5 minutes. Thanks to the eSIM.

Does My iPad Support eSIM?

One prerequisite for mobile use of your tablet is, of course, that it is eSIM-capable. The current generations of the iPad have an integrated eSIM.

The most common eSIM-enabled tablets in Switzerland currently are:

  • Apple iPad 10
  • Apple iPad Mini 5
  • Apple iPad Pro 11, 12
  • Microsoft Surface Pro X
  • Samsung Galaxy Book S

To be sure, you can also simply check in the device’s settings whether an eSIM is embedded. Open the ‘Cellular data’ tab under settings and look for the function ‘Add a New Plan’. If this function is visible, consider yourself lucky: Your iPad is eSIM-enabled!

Screenshot of how to add a mobile phone tariff for eSIM on the Apple iPad

In the future, all Apple devices will probably use the eSIM exclusively, since Apple will probably abandon the physical SIM card soon.

How Do I Get My eSIM Profile?

If you want to add a mobile plan for your iPad, you will be asked for a QR code. At Digital Republic, you can get your eSIM, or rather a personal QR code with your eSIM profile, in three easy steps.

  1. RegisterCreate your account on Digital Republic.
  2. Scan QR code & get started: When you have finished setting up the eSIM, a QR code will be displayed directly in your account. Scan it with your iPad to add the data plan.

In just 5 minutes from registration to activation of the eSIM, you are connected to the mobile Internet. If something doesn’t work, just call us at 044 500 49 55 and we’ll be happy to help!

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