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5G Home Internet: The Free Mode of Connectivity

The rise of 5G has brought about the potential for a new era of Internet connectivity at home. Gone are the days when we were tied to a physical cable or even dependent on a WiFi signal. With 5G, users can experience a level of freedom that was previously unimaginable. This is also urgently needed, because our everyday lives are increasingly characterized by mobile connectivity and less and less by stationary connectivity. A trend that will become even more apparent with the increasing expansion of the Internet of Things.


The Advantages of 5G Home Internet: Simplicity, Speed and Freedom



Address-bound contracts, sealed connections, rental equipment and long notice periods? The path to a wired Internet connection is often relatively sluggish, costly and inflexible. This is where 5G provides a remedy!

One of the biggest advantages of 5G Internet for the home is the ability to connect from virtually anywhere. You no longer need a network outlet, and with a SIM-enabled device, you also don't need a router nearby to access the Internet. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for people who are often on the go or live in areas with spotty or non-existent broadband coverage. Mobile Internet connectivity shines with the simplicity you've come to expect from your smartphone, and it's extending that more and more to all the rest of your connected everyday devices.

Acer Connect M5 5G Mobile Router in Frontansicht
With a mobile 5G router like the Acer Connect M5 5G, setting up the Internet connection is child's play.

Setting up and using the mobile Internet connection has never been easier. Insert the SIM card, switch it on, and you're done. Whether in a city apartment, a vacation home, a tent at a festival, or in a camper. With a mobile 5G router, the home Internet connection simply comes with you in your backpack. In this article , we present a selection of corresponding devices.



5G offers higher speeds and lower latency than previous mobile standards. This means that 5G can also be used to stream movies, download large files, and play online games without experiencing delays or buffering. In addition, 5G has the potential to connect a large number of devices simultaneously, making it a great option for households with multiple people who all want to use the Internet at the same time. 

Of course, it must be mentioned with every wireless technology that the maximum possible speed can be higher than what is effectively possible in the situation. However, the 5G network rollout in Switzerland is at a point that allows most applications in most locations without any problems. If you want to know what speed you really need for your applications, you might be interested in this article .


Hand mit Smartphone auf dem ein Spendetest läuft.
With 5G, connection speed is no longer an issue for most applications.

Tiered tariff models like the one from Digital Republic allow you to have a bandwidth that is completely tailored to your needs and can be adjusted quickly and easily. This means you only pay for the speed you actually need.



The biggest advantage of 5G Internet for the home is the freedom gained. Those who obtain their Internet via a mobile data connection not only benefit from much more freedom of movement, but also operate in a market that generally offers more flexible contract modalities than traditional Internet service providers. In concrete terms, this means for the connection with Digital Republic:

  • No minimum contract period
  • No cancellation period
  • Flexibly adjustable speed
  • The possibility to pause the connection
  • 30 days free trial without obligation

If you compare this degree of freedom with the offerings for wired Internet, you won't easily find a comparable solution. However, this freedom is becoming increasingly important for users of the current era, because places of residence are being changed more frequently on average, and home applications themselves are also merging more and more with mobile forms of work.


The Future of the Internet Is Mobile

Of course, 5G still has some challenges to overcome in addition to all the advantages. Availability in Switzerland is already quite good, but will have to increase, especially outside the conurbations, so that the high speed also becomes the standard there. In addition to the expansion of the infrastructure, the design of the offers should also be based on the strengths of the mobile data connection and the needs of the users, especially in the implementation of IoT solutions.

Digital Republic is making a start and enabling mobile Internet as flexibly and easily as a Netflix subscription, because for us it is clear: 5G Internet, also for the home, is the way of the future. It offers users a level of freedom and flexibility that was previously unimaginable and has the potential to revolutionize the way we connect to the Internet. With a growing Internet of Things and the proliferation of AI and AR applications, mobile connectivity has the potential to become a key component of our connected future, including at home.

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