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What Internet Speed Do I Need for My Tablet?

Tablets are special devices. While Samsung and Apple have created true all-rounders with their Pro models that could replace a mobile workstation, Google recently decided to take a completely different path for its upcoming Pixel Tablet. Google sees the tablet as a companion device for the home and therefore even removes the GPS module from the device. As versatile and controversial as the “right” field of application for tablets may be, they all need an Internet connection. We tell you what you should look for when choosing the speed.

What Function Does Your Tablet Perform?

The blog sums it up in an article about tablet statistics: There is not THE use case for a tablet. With currently over 1.28 billion tablet users worldwide, most are limited to simple applications such as writing emails, reading news or browsing social media (54%).

For this type of use, an Internet speed of 10 Mbits is also sufficient and you don’t necessarily need to follow the recommendation of 50 Mbits.

However, quite a few tablet users see the flat computer as more than just a browser. According to the authors at techjury, 23% of the users surveyed also use their tablet to watch movies and online videos or as a gaming platform.

You will need a faster connection especially for high-resolution material like FullHD or 4k videos. Digital Republic’s recommendation of 50 Mbits covers this application field well and allows you to watch high-resolution videos and also light gaming or working in the cloud without stutters or interruptions.

Samsung tablet with open DeX mode and keyboard cover with stylus

However, even the recommendation of 50 Mbits might not be sufficient for the pro models of the big manufacturers and some power users. For example, if you want to use your tablet as your primary workstation and multitask or play games smoothly via the cloud, you would be better off with a speed of 300 Mbits.

Also, if you have to transfer large amounts of data on the go, you will hardly be able to avoid a faster rate. You can check how the speed affects your download speed with this calculator.

Where Do You Use Your Tablet?

Not only what you use your tablet for can influence the speed you need, but also where. Many people use their tablets mainly at home. For this reason, the upcoming Pixel Tablet is a device that is particularly aimed at home users.

If you also belong to this group and use your tablet almost exclusively in the domestic WLAN, you can save a fast mobile data connection. At this point, you should consider whether you want to benefit from a slow connection in order to be able to use at least basic applications like web browsing or messaging on the go.

For this, an Internet speed of 10 Mbits is sufficient, or even as little as 1 Mbits if you only want to use messaging services on the go.

What Does the Hardware Look Like?

Even though FullHD (1080ppi) displays are becoming more and more the norm, lower-resolution displays are still available, especially in cheaper devices. The resolution of your display can also determine your maximum required Internet speed.

For example, you will hardly stream FullHD or 4k content on a 720ppi display, since you will not be able to display the resolution anyway. In such a case, you won’t need 20 Mbits for a FullHD stream, but you can opt for a 10 Mbits rate.

Tablet iPad

The installed cellular module can also have an impact. For example, if you want to use your tablet as a workstation and use the full bandwidth of a mobile data connection, you should also pay attention to the installed cellular standard. If your tablet is 4G-only, a rate of more than 300 Mbits is not worthwhile, since this is already the practically maximum available speed of 4G in Switzerland.

If you have a 5G-enabled tablet, speeds above 300 Mbits can also be achieved and you could benefit from a 2 Gbits rate. However, Digital Republic advises against choosing a gigabit plan due to the mobile nature of tablets and widely available Wi-Fi.

Have You Found the Right Internet Speed?

Then take a look at Digital Republic’s Rates right now! You can order a SIM card or activate an eSIM in just a few minutes via your customer portal. Our device selection will provide you with the necessary recommendations and you can decide for which internet speed you want to pay.

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