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New: Flat Mobile | CH unlimited, incl. 2 GB Roaming

Viva la Mobile Communication!

“What does the ideal cell phone subscription need?” We asked ourselves this question in order to offer you exactly the product you want for your smartphone. With the subscription, we don’t just want to produce more of the same, we want to revolutionize the Swiss mobile communications market together with you. So Flat Mobile is not just a new cell phone subscription, it is THE new cell phone subscription. For three important and, above all, necessary reasons.

1. Unlimited Everything in Switzerland

Let’s be honest: who in Switzerland in 2024 still wants to worry about their data volume? Unlimited Internet, unlimited calls and unlimited text messages are essential, because we all use our smartphones as basic everyday tools. What is needed here is an uncomplicated flat rate for the whole of Switzerland so that you don’t have to worry about your costs when you go about your everyday digital life with your smartphone.

With Flat Mobile, we’re giving this flat rate a fair price. For CHF 18 per month, you can surf with up to 30 Mbits of unlimited 5G and text and call as much as you want anywhere in Switzerland.

Smartphone with open Digital Republic customer portal and Flat Mobile cell phone subscription as a monthly or annual package

2. Security When Roaming

Even though the EU has already abolished roaming among its member states, Switzerland remains an island. This means that every time you cross the border, there is the threat of a cost trap. This is why Swiss customers want integrated roaming volume and Flat Mobile meets this demand.

The Flat Mobile subscription includes 2 GB of data volume per month in Zone 1 (EU/USA). So you can also surf carefree outside Switzerland. For longer stays, you can of course still flexibly book inexpensive data packages.

This makes Flat Mobile the perfect subscription if you don’t want to fall into the cost trap during short stays abroad and don’t want to buy an extra data package.

3. Freedom for You

This reason is by far the most important to us: your freedom. Digital Republic was founded to fight tacky contracts and not punish freedom with a slimmed-down service.

That’s why the same applies to Flat Mobile as to all other Digital Republic rates: No minimum contract term, no notice period, no hidden costs! All in the name of simplicity. Because everyone should benefit, regardless of technical know-how.

Flat Mobile is not just another subscription among many. Flat Mobile should be THE simple, complete and fair cell phone subscription in Switzerland and a turnaround in the existing tariff model. Because we’ve had enough of contractual bondage, hidden costs and complicated processes.

Viva la Mobile Communication!

Does it all sound like a matter of the obvious? Exactly! Nevertheless, the status quo on the mobile communications market is still different.

For us, this means that it’s time for a revolution. Not in the big things, but in the little things that should actually be taken for granted. For us and for you.

So funktioniert's


Bestellt euch als Neukundin oder Neukunde die Flat Mobile SIM auf unserer Homepage.



Aktiviert die SIM nach Erhalt in eurem Kundenportal und nehmt eure bestehende Rufnummer zu uns mit (Rufnummerportierung)


Get started

Wartet, bis euer Vertrag mit eurem alten Anbieter durch uns gekündigt wird und wir euch benachrichtigen und legt dann die SIM in euer Smartphone ein.


That’s Why You Should Take Your Cell Phone Number With You to Us

If you activate number porting when you activate your Flat Mobile SIM, you can take your existing number with you to Digital Republic and remain reachable for all your contacts as usual.

This not only means less effort for you, but also has the advantage that we take care of the termination with your old provider for you. You should always select termination at the end of the contract to avoid having to pay penalties from your old provider.

We will notify you when the change is complete and all you have to do is change the SIM card in your smartphone. Changing providers couldn’t be more stress-free.

We look forward to having you!

Jetzt Flat Mobile entdecken

All-in-one subscription
Flat Mobile Handy Abo Faust von Digital republic
Icon Smartphone

Mobile Subscriptions

Flat Mobile

Data CH Unlimited data volume incl. 5G

Calling & sending SMS CH Unlimited calls & SMS

Roaming EU/USA 2GB included per month

18.– CHF/Month
To the offer

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