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How to Switch Providers Without Any Problems

Switching mobile providers should actually be quite easy. Unfortunately, the reality in the Swiss mobile market is somewhat different. Cancellations only via chat or phone became the norm. This makes terminating a switch unnecessarily complicated and causes headaches for many users every year. But there is an easier way! If you register your current number with your new provider for porting! We explain how easy it is to do this at Digital Republic.


Switching Providers Should Be Easy!

The reasons for switching providers can be many and varied. Maybe you're not satisfied with the service, maybe you have poor network coverage in your location, and maybe you're just dissatisfied with the customer service. No matter what your reasons are, as soon as the price alone is not enough to convince you to switch, you should stay true to your decision.

The motto at Digital Republic is:"Only satisfied customers are customers". This should also be your credo. If you are dissatisfied with your provider, you should not let complicated cancellation procedures take away your freedom to leave.

So if your reasons are clear and a better price doesn't change anything, it's time to change. The only question that remains is how to do it the easiest way, since it is unfortunately no longer possible to cancel your contract with every Swiss provider simply by sending an email or letter. Should you switch to Digital Republic, we have good news for you!


Stress-Free Switching Thanks to Number Porting

If you order a SIM card from Digital Republic and take your old mobile number with you when you activate it, we will take care of everything else for you.

This means that we contact your provider on your behalf, give notice of termination and inform you as soon as the porting date for your number has been set. As a rule, this date is at the end of the remaining term of your contract. The big advantage here: You can easily bypass all the hassle of cancellation via chat or phone and all the retention measures of your old provider.


Simply select number porting when activating your new SIM card and we will handle the cancellation for you.


As soon as the porting date is reached, you will be notified again, you can replace the SIM card in your device with the Digital Republic SIM card and you will be back online immediately. Without the hassle of cancellation and intrusive questions on the phone!

If you wish, you can also have your number ported immediately, but then penalty fees and/or additional payments will be due, as with any early termination. We recommend: Let us convert the cancellation to the regular end of the contract.


You can choose the time of termination. To avoid fees, we recommend cancellation after the end of the contract.


Of course, this also works with other providers, but it's especially easy with Digital Republic! If you do not want to port your number, but instead want to get a new number, you unfortunately have to cancel your contract with your provider yourself. If you are not sure how long your contract will last, you can check your remaining term with most providers by sending an SMS with the text "Info" to the short code "503".


Mobile Service Is Also Possible Without a Contractual Tie-In!

If you've left a long-term contract, you don't want to be obligated again for years to come. That's why we recommend that you always choose a provider who does not require minimum contract terms and notice periods.

By the way, we don't have a minimum contract term or cancellation period (except for annual packages), so you don't have to worry about being trapped in the next gag contract. If you want to leave Digital Republic again, it's as easy as a few clicks in the customer portal. Here we explain in detail how this works.


Hände in der Luft, die sich von Handschellen befreit haben


You can find more tips on switching providers and terminating contracts, including a comparison of different Swiss providers, in this Comparis guide article .

If you're interested in switching to Digital Republic, take a look at our Ratesright now! By the way, when you order a physical SIM card, we'll give you the first month completely free of charge. This way, you can get an idea and decide for yourself whether the service suits you or not.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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