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Only Satisfied Customers Are Customers

Customer service is representative of the entire company and is in direct contact with customers. It is therefore all the more surprising how often good customer service is neglected, especially in the telecommunications industry. Some comment columns are full of stories about eternal waiting loops, ignored e-mails, unfriendly customer service representatives or annoying chatbots. Not with us! We want to be there for you, as competent and uncomplicated as possible.

Not Just Another Call Center

The analysis of our customer reviews has shown: Digital Republic’s support in particular is praised by many customers, and the overall rating of 4.8 from a good 190 reviews is particularly pleasing. This is a clear confirmation of our efforts as a digital company to still offer a high level of personal service and an excellent feedback for our supporters! A manageable but highly valued team that we also rely on often and with pleasure!

“A telco with support that you can also reach and it is helped immediately and well. I can’t find anything like that with anyone else.”


 “… the installation was less simple than expected … somehow I had a button on the line. BUT the support from Digital Republic was absolutely top! Always prompt, friendly and competent.”


“Efficient support via e-mail within less than an hour. The big mobile operators could learn a thing or two from this”

The Digital Republic support team sitting on a staircase.
Our support team from left to right: Sandro Suter, Bruno Wagner and Luciano Stadelmann

These satisfied comments make us very happy, because the work of our support team is by no means limited to making phone calls. Bruno, Luciano and Sandro work every day not only on phone calls and support tickets, but also on the further development of the support portal, the FAQs and bring input from customers and their work directly into the development processes. They not only solve problems, but also advise our customers on the practical implementation of personal projects and the right choice of tariff for Internet and/or telephony. Our support is not just a troubleshooting call center, but an integral part of our development process as a company and the hotline to our customers. A clientele that we need to get to know better every day.

Bruno at work in side view

“The most exciting clientele for me is those from mountain areas. I’ve been in contact with a large group that lives off-the-grid in the mountains and is only connected to the network via Digital Republic’s SIM cards. Another project was the video transmission of a calving using a SIM-enabled webcam. You never know what projects and stories you’ll encounter on the other end of the line.”


The interest shown by our supporters often leads to extremely constructive discussions, which is also very motivating for the supporters personally.

Luciano at work in side view

“If I look back at the end of the day and know that I was able to help people, then I can go into my well-earned evening off with a clear conscience. Happy customers give me the feeling that we are doing everything right. That’s a huge motivator.”


Trust From All Sides

According to Google reviews, our customers appreciate the trusting way our supporters deal with their concerns and problems. We appreciate their commitment and their wealth of know-how. Accordingly, Digital Republic also trusts its supporters and gives them the necessary freedom to do their job in the best possible way.

“DR gave me trust right from the start, which is something I have never experienced before. Trust is the most important currency. It leads to being willing to run the extra mile.”


This strategy pays off, because the internal communication between support, logistics, marketing, sales and management at eye level allows an uncomplicated exchange of knowledge and the joint growth of daily work. To this end, Sandro recently created a corresponding platform for internal news and feedback. An enriching tool that benefits everyone involved at the end of the day.

Sandro at work in side view

“It always makes me happy when I know that I have been able to help someone. Customer service is not a department, it’s a philosophy! We try to live this philosophy every day!”


“We have a lot of technical knowledge internally and you can learn something from everyone. There is no one who just keeps their knowledge to themselves. The support team is a real dream team and everyone is there for everyone else. We are well attuned to each other and unlike other support employers, at DR we have many opportunities to contribute our ideas and wishes, which improves the product and the customer journey immensely. The decision-making paths are much shorter and you feel a very family-like atmosphere at work.”


Good Support Is No Coincidence

We design our offers to be as free and fair as possible. That’s why our customers can cancel very easily and without a minimum contract term. High-quality support is crucial under these conditions, because anyone who is not satisfied can simply switch to another provider at any time. Of course, we want to keep our customers, so we rely on our support team to solve all solvable problems to the complete satisfaction of our customers, because: Only satisfied customers remain customers – at least at Digital Republic. More about the reasons for our liberal contract structure can be found in the article: Connected Unbound’.

Good support is not a coincidence, but the product of the dedicated work of competent people. We are proud of our supporters and would like to thank not only them, but also all customers who have explicitly given them a positive rating. Eager to maintain this high standard, we stay on the ball for you and continuously develop our offer.

“To do something great, you do it with passion, or not at all. And that’s the passion you feel in our team.”  


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