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Mobile Subscriptions Must Be Flexible and Transparent!

The Era of Long-Term Contracts and Fantasy Discounts Is Over.

Anyone who signs up for a digital service these days expects flexibility. The usual experience with streaming services is simple, flexible and transparent. There are usually different levels with clearly defined features and prices. These can often even be compared side by side. Payment is then made by credit card or TWINT, and if you want to cancel the service, you can do so at the end of each month. Mobile subscriptions could be just as simple and transparent, but unfortunately they often aren’t (yet).

Special Offers – More Appearance Than Reality

According to a study by, the promotions of Swiss providers are generally viewed very critically. The strike prices of the discount campaigns are often inflated normal prices that are intended to suggest a particularly good offer. However, this is not the main reason for dissatisfaction with the promotions.

One particular complaint is that some providers only offer promotions to new customers. This causes frustration for all those who have just switched providers and have to pay the full price for a subscription that would only cost half as much two weeks after their registration. Customers who have been loyal to their provider for years will also be at a particular disadvantage. Add to this a minimum contract term of two years, and the worry package is complete.

“In addition, many providers advertise with inflated normal prices so that the discount can be as high as possible.”

Ralf Beyeler, telecom expert at

It would be transparent and fair if the same prices applied to everyone and promotional offers were also available to existing customers. Fantasy prices just to simulate a high discount create even more intransparency and reduce your trust in the offers of Swiss providers.

Digital Republic is consciously taking countermeasures here. We refrain from offering opaque (bogus) discounts and pass on price reductions and promotions to existing customers, provided we do so.

Contract Conditions – Dissatisfying for Younger Users in Particular

The contract terms of many cell phone subscriptions are notoriously inflexible. However, the study also reveals an interesting age gap. The respondents in the youngest age group (18-25) were particularly dissatisfied with the providers’ cancellation periods and billing, among other things. The oldest age group (50-74), on the other hand, criticized the promotions and roaming offers.

So while younger users seem to primarily miss freedom and flexibility, older people are more concerned about the transparency of prices and roaming options. We do not want to compromise on any of these points.

Lots of small print in your mobile phone subscription contract? So yesterday!

Digital Republic therefore does not require minimum contract periods or notice periods (except for annual packages) and offers maximum flexibility thanks to a modular rate system. You don’t have to pay for roaming if you don’t need it. Data telephony and SMS are flat rates and all rates can be ordered directly online and also activated and paused by yourself.

The Flexible Cell Phone Subscription Plan by Digital Republic Is Available for as Little as CHF 18 per Month

Why go for long-term bundles when you can do it individually? With the cell phone subscription from Digital Republic, you have unlimited data in Switzerland including 5G, unlimited calls and text messages in Switzerland, 2 GB roaming in the EU and the USA and no minimum contract term or notice period for CHF 18 per month.

When you order a Digital Republic SIM card for your home for the first time, we’ll give you the first 30 days for free. You don’t have to enter a payment method and can test whether the subscription suits you or not for 30 days without any obligation. Of course, this also applies to the eSIM.

If you are satisfied, simply enter a payment method and your subscription will continue. If not, you can simply let the month pass and don’t have to worry about anything else. You can also adjust the Internet speed on a monthly basis, or even waive telephony if you don’t need it or cover it with a prepaid SIM. Make your subscription the way you like it, everything else was yesterday!

You can find the full article on the study by here. If you would like to test the Digital Republic offer, you can find more information on our tariff page and have your test SIM card conveniently delivered to your home. We look forward to seeing you!

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