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Digital Republic Shines in Moneyland’s Roaming Package Comparison

Just in time for the summer vacations, the online comparison service Moneyland conducted a detailed roaming comparison among Swiss mobile providers. The prices for telephony abroad and data roaming packages were compared. The price range is considerable and with some providers, surfing abroad is much more expensive than with others. The most expensive provider in the test charges a whopping 200 francs for 10 GB! The bright spot: Digital Republic offers the same data volume for a quarter of the price, making it the cheapest provider in the test for data packages in the EU, the UK, and the US!

Roaming Made Easy: Thanks to Annual Packages

All Digital Republic roaming packages are valid for 365 days from activation. This is by no means the case for all offers, and Moneyland’s comparison shows interesting price differences between roaming packages that are valid for a year and others that are listed as “valid for at least 30 days” in the comparison.

Tabular list of data roaming packages valid for one year.

In the annual packages, Digital Republic is only 10 centimes behind the cheapest provider for 1 GB. However, the prices for 3 or 10 GB clearly show that Digital Republic’s roaming packages are cheaper than any other provider tested. For example, if you choose a 10 GB package for the whole year, you only pay 5 francs per gigabyte!

Tabular list of data roaming packages with a validity of at least 30 days

With the shorter terms, the prices are somewhat more affordable overall, and individual packages are also valid for 365 days (marked with a “1”). The fact that you, as a customer, may not benefit so much from these prices will only become apparent when you actually use the service. However, it is certainly conceivable that not all of the volume will be used up during the vacations and that the remaining credit will expire again with a shorter term until the next vacation.

That’s why we focus exclusively on annual packages and fair prices, even for intensive use. So you don’t have to worry about the duration or the next vacations and can still benefit from a low price.

Digital Republic Also Lands on the Podium With Telephony!

Of course, Digital Republic’s offer is primarily focused on mobile data. Therefore, you pay a per-minute rate for calls abroad. This seems to be a disadvantage at first glance, but Moneyland’s comparison scenario shows: Digital Republic is the third cheapest provider in the test even with telephony!

Comparison scenario with 6GB data consumption and 120 minutes of telephony. Digital Republic also shines here and takes third place!

We recommend that you use messaging services such as Whatsapp or Signal whenever possible during your stay abroad. This saves you the cost of expensive telephony and, thanks to the low-cost roaming packages, you have enough data volume to share your vacation photos or use streaming services at the same time.

By the way: With the launch of the current roaming packages, Digital Republic has also lowered the roaming prices. Moneyland’s test scenario has become 41% cheaper with Digital Republic in 2023 than in the previous year. The strongest price reduction among all tested providers.

“Included” Means “Paid for With the Basic Fee”

The mobile market is already complicated enough, so there’s no need for bait-and-switch offers or hidden prices. Many providers include a certain roaming volume in their subscriptions. This seems tempting and looks like a free extra. However, many of these volumes are relatively small and will therefore hardly be sufficient. The surprise comes when data packages have to be purchased in addition to the volume.

You can save yourself this hassle. If you don’t need roaming, for example, because you use a local provider on vacation (which is super-easy with the eSIM) or don’t travel abroad at all in a year, you shouldn’t have to pay for roaming volume.

That’s why Digital Republic focuses on flexibility. You can easily book a roaming package via the customer portal when you need one. In addition, you can be sure that the data volume is valid for 365 days and can also be used for the next vacation, should you not use up the entire volume immediately.

Simple, transparent and fair.

Here you can learn more about the new roaming packages of Digital Republic. The whole test including all tables can be found on the Moneyland website.

Digital Republic wishes you nice summer vacations!

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