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Mobile 5G Router in Test: The Acer Connect Enduro M3

Mobile 5G routers promise uncomplicated and powerful Wi-Fi for your pocket or backpack. Tailored to the needs of digital nomads and anyone who wants to be connected wherever they are, the Acer Connect Enduro M3 fulfills this promise on all levels. Robust construction, huge battery, WiFi 6 and simple operation: the small router has everything you would expect from a mobile hotspot.

Compact and Ready for Anything

At 13.8 x 8.3 x 1.7 cm, the Acer Connect Enduro M3 is super compact and portable. The device boasts MIL-STD-810H and IP54 certification, which promises protection against dust, water, shocks and falls. The router is solid and tightly made, so that minor mishaps should not be a problem in everyday use.

The fact that the router is fully designed for mobility is also demonstrated by the built-in 6,500mAh battery, which will keep you connected throughout the day and can also be used as a power bank. This means you not only have your Wi-Fi with you at all times, but can also charge your smartphone battery if necessary. Perfect for digital nomads!

The 4.2-inch touch display allows you to make all settings directly on the device via an easy-to-understand interface, so you can make quick and easy adjustments to your mobile network.

Acer Connect Enduro M3 front and rear view

Fast Processor and WiFi 6, MU-MIMO Included!

The Acer Connect Enduro M3 makes a solid impression not only on the outside, but also on the inside. A Mediatek Octa Core Cortex A78/A55 processor clocked at 2.4 GHz operates in the housing; more than sufficient for a mobile hotspot.

The integrated modem connects you to either the 4G/LTE or 5G network and uses an internal antenna, which achieved perfect reception in our test, even indoors.

Thanks to WiFi 6, the compact router also supports MU-MIMO (Multi-User- Multiple Input Multiple Output). This means that the router can stream data to several devices simultaneously and the data throughput per device is around twice as high as with older WiFi standards. That’s impressive speed for such a small device.

Minimalist Ports, Maximum Mobility

The fact that the router is very compact makes for a certain minimalism when it comes to ports. USB-C and a nano-SIM slot under a dust cover on the right-hand side of the housing, that’s it!

Diagonal side view of the M3 with all ports
Pure minimalism: In addition to a USB-C port and the nano-SIM slot, there is only a reset button on the side of the casing.

You won’t find an Ethernet port or connections for external antennas on this router. If you need these features, you should therefore opt for a different device. The advantage of this minimalism is a sturdy and sealed housing and the aforementioned compactness.

The Acer Connect Enduro M3 therefore makes an excellent travel companion in your backpack, car or laptop bag. So if you are often “on the move” and want to be connected to the Internet regardless of location and without complications, this router is an inexpensive and simple solution.

The device is definitely good value for money. With a retail price of around CHF 300, the mobile 5G router is priced in the lower mid-range. Considering the features and sturdy construction, this is a strong price. But you can get the router even cheaper at Digital Republic!

In a bundle including a SIM card with one year of unlimited Internet in Switzerland, you can get the router from Digital Republic with a permanent discount of 17%. You also get the year of Internet at half price. This means you save a whopping 230 francs and don’t have to worry about internet bills for a whole year.

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