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B2B Mobile Operators: Digital Republic Conquers 2nd Place!

The Swiss Institute for Quality Testing (SIQT) regularly puts the offerings of Swiss B2B mobile providers through their paces. Two years ago, the study was still limited to the four largest providers in Switzerland. This year, however, two MVNOs – providers without their own network infrastructure – are taking part for the first time with Digital Republic and Digitec Connect. We take a place on the podium right away, because Digital Republic takes second place in the overall result.

On the Podium With Good Rates and Transparency

Three categories were decisive for the result of the study, each of which was weighted differently:

  • Rates (60%)
  • Range of offers (20%)
  • Transparency and convenience (20%)

Particularly pleasing for us as a startup is the fact that we did as well in the rates with a score of 5.5 as the cheapest provider. The runner-up position is likely to have been a close call, and we are only a stone’s throw away from first place. This is a clear confirmation of our tariff model and a challenge that we will gladly take up.

We were also very pleased with the category “Transparency and Comfort”. With a score of 5.7, Digital Republic is right at the top here, too. According to, the focus here was on the clarity of the site navigation and the transparency of the rate structure and contract terms. A high degree of transparency and fairness has been one of our core values, since Digital Republic was founded. It is therefore all the more gratifying to see that this value is also perceived and honored in comparison with the major providers.

«Digital Republic secured second place with very good results in the transparency & convenience category and good rates.»

We have room for improvement in the “range of offers” category, where Digital Republic distinguishes itself from the rest of the providers with a narrower range. However, this is largely intentional, as we keep our product range as simple and practical as possible. Business customers will find a modular tariff system with suitable speeds for most use cases. The situation is similar on the hardware side. We are constantly expanding our hardware portfolio with devices that match our rates, but we make sure that they are of a high quality and are easy to understand. We also avoid bundles wherever it is cheaper for our customers to buy them separately. With smartphones in particular, you often save money by buying them separately, as the comparison service Moneyland notes in its cell phone subscription comparison.

Bottom Line

As a young mobile communications provider, it is of course nice to come in second in our first ranking, but we do not want to rest on our laurels. The good results for rates and transparency confirm the mission we have set ourselves. Accordingly, we are continuing to invest in our strengths and are steadily expanding our offerings with new hardware and modern connectivity solutions for Business and Private Customers alike. With unwavering commitment, we continue to give our best and hopefully wave goodbye to the throne in two years’ time. Free, fair and progressive!

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