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Cell Phone Stolen or Lost – Now What?

The smartphone is probably one of the most personal objects of our time. It is all the more annoying when the expensive gadget goes missing. Whether through theft or other loss, the sensitive data and the costs for a new device quickly cause headaches. However, quick action and appropriate insurance coverage can usually alleviate the hassle and limit the damage incurred. The whole thing is easier than you think.

You Should Do This Immediately:

The sensitive data on your smartphone is usually not the target of thieves or dishonest finders of your device, but you should still act immediately to prevent misuse and protect your privacy.

  1. lock your device. Android and iOS allow you to lock your smartphone from home. You should do this immediately to keep your data safe.
  2. inform your provider. Your mobile operator can block your SIM card if it is stolen or lost, so that you are not suddenly faced with a roaming bill or your number is used for value-added services. * It is recommended to keep the IMEI number of the device in a safe place as a note beforehand. You can find the IMEI on the packaging of your device, usually also in the system settings or via the phone app by entering *#06# and tapping on “Call”.
  3. in case of theft – file a report. This step is important to file a claim with your insurance company. You can report the theft either by phone, online form or on the spot at the nearest police station. Send a copy of the report to your insurance company.
Thief leans through half-open car window and reaches for smartphone on the passenger seat to steal it.
Sometimes all it takes is a careless moment or a half-opened car window and your smartphone is gone.

This will limit the financial damage:

Report the loss or theft to your insurance company.

Send your cell phone or household insurance a copy of your report/theft report and if possible the IMEI of your device. In most cases, the insurance company will then reimburse the new price of the device.


Order a new SIM card.

Since you have blocked the old SIM card, you should quickly arrange for a replacement. At Digital Republic, you can easily do this through our support team, who will send you a replacement SIM card with your phone number immediately and free of charge.


Get a new device.


If You’re With Digital Republic:

Then you can react even faster to a loss or theft. Even if our support is not available (for example, outside of business hours), you can deactivate roaming and value-added services yourself via the voice settings in your customer portal so that no additional costs can arise from the lost SIM card. That way, you’re on the safe side right away.

If an eSIM from Digital Republic was installed on the lost phone, you can even deactivate it yourself in the customer portal. Simply download a new QR code for your replacement phone using the “Transfer eSIM” function and the old eSIM will be automatically deactivated.

We don’t believe in lock-in contracts. With Digital Republic, you have no minimum contract term, no cancellation period, and no other hidden fees. So if you lose your device, at least with us, you won’t have to pay anything except for the replacement device. You can read more about why we do it this way here.

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