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5G Internet for Expats in Switzerland

Internet at Home Has Never Been So Easy!

When moving to Switzerland, an Internet connection is usually high on the priority list. However, for expats who will be living in Switzerland for less than two years, finding the right provider can present some hurdles. You may have a temporary address first, or even be shuttling back and forth between different accommodations. This requires flexibility and a contract that doesn't tie you to one address. Here, 5G offers an exciting alternative to fiber optics and Digital Republic provides the necessary flexibility.


Uncomplicated Connection - Even Without a Fixed Address

For Internet at home, you benefit from the more liberal contract terms with a mobile-based provider compared to traditional Internet providers and can simply cancel your contract again when you move away or move on. Short terms and liberal contract modalities have long been the standard among mobile providers.

When moving to Switzerland, there is a lot to do, so connectivity should not be a problem as well. An inexpensive and location-independent solution without a contract is ideal in such a case, and thanks to 5G, it's also possible without any problems. With a 5G router and a SIM card with unlimited data volume, you are immediately connected, no matter where you are in Switzerland. 


Frau in gelbem Regenmantel steht auf dem Gipfel eines Bergs und überblickt ein Schweizer Bergmassiv
There's a lot to discover in Switzerland! - Thanks to 5G, you can take your Internet connection with you.

5G routers are available with or without batteries, and they are often not much more expensive than the combination of modem and WLAN router for a classic Internet setup. Digital Republic offers such devices as a bundle with a data SIM card, so you are connected for a whole year and do not have to worry about the Internet or incoming bills for that time. 

If you don't want to pay for a whole year or test the service first, you can also buy a device yourself and book the Digital Republic SIM card as a monthly rate. This way, you can test Digital Republic for a month free of charge and without any obligation, even without depositing a payment method. 

We regularly test routers, even those that are not available in our store. You can find a selection of such devices in this article.


You only pay for what you really need 

Switzerland is expensive, and a high-speed fiber-optic connection, including terminal equipment and connection fees, can quickly run into money. For media streaming and office work, a lower bandwidth is usually sufficient. You can find out which speed is recommended for which application here.


Stadtansicht von Zürich mit Blick auf denn See.
Whether Zurich or Zermatt - with 5G cellular you can surf quickly and securely wherever you want.

With Digital Republic's tariff model , you can choose the speed of your connection. You do not pay for a certain data volume, but only for the connection speed. This means you have unlimited data and 5G included on all rates. This means you can tailor your Internet connection to your needs and only pay for what you actually need. This speed can also be adjusted later in the customer portal and each SIM card can be paused or switched off at the end of the month.

Enjoy the flexibility of cellular without sacrificing the bandwidth of a home Internet connection, because with our Flat 2000 you can surf at up to 2 Gbit/s!


Binding Contracts? - Not With Us!

We understand that life is always on the move. That's why Digital Republic doesn't have minimum contract terms, cancellation periods, or additional fees. With the exception of annual packages, you can cancel all of our plans at the end of any month, or pause them if you need them later. This can also be done easily via the customer portal and in just a few minutes. You can find out why we do it this way and how easy it is in our article "Connected Unbound".

Of course, these provisions also apply if you use our SIM cards in your smartphone or other device. You can order additional SIM cards at any time via the customer portal, for example for your smartphones or tablets. If you want to know how good the reception is in your location, our network provider Sunrise offers a corresponding coverage map . The best thing to do, however, is to form your own opinion and simply test one of our SIM cards with your smartphone for a whole month, free of charge and without obligation.


By the way: If you have an eSIM-enabled device, you can also book all our rates as eSIMs and activate them before you leave for Switzerland. This means you'll be connected as soon as you arrive, even without roaming packages. Find out more here.


Welcome to Switzerland!

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