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Surfing in Switzerland Without Roaming?

The Esim Makes It Possible!

Vacations in Switzerland are something wonderful, many people from all over the world agree on that. However, these people are equally unanimous about the fact that these vacations are expensive. Switzerland, an island of high prices, is known to put a strain on many a vacation budget. At least with mobile connectivity, however, we can now remedy the situation! Thanks to the flexibility of the eSIM!

Stop Roaming – Surf Locally!

According to the online comparison service, German customers of Vodafone pay 15 euros a day for roaming packages of max. 50 MB. For tourists from other countries, the costs are sometimes even higher. These are prices that would make even us Swiss sweat. The solution here is prepaid SIM cards that provide a certain volume of data at a fraction of the price.

The catch?

Customers from abroad without a residential address in Switzerland must first visit a sales outlet after entering the country, buy a SIM card there and have it activated. So if you don’t want to start your vacation by waiting in line, filling out forms and signing contracts, you need a more modern solution. We have it!

If you have an eSIM-enabled smartphone, you can load an eSIM from Digital Republic onto your device before your vacation and start surfing as soon as you arrive in Switzerland. No data volume limits, no growing costs and no contracts. Super cheap and super easy!

Woman in yellow mackintosh stands on the top of a mountain and looks at the Swiss mountains
Vacation cheer is best shared when you don’t have to think about the cost of the Insta post you upload.

Unlimited Surfing in Switzerland for Only 10 Francs

With our Flat10 rate, you can surf unlimited for 30 days for only 10 francs. Unlimited data volume, no minimum contract period and everything from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to the eSIM, you simply register for the tariff before your vacation, load the eSIM onto your smartphone and you’re ready to go. No more data volume that is “soon used up”, no complicated sales calls and forms on site, no expensive roaming tariff. Just register and get started, just like Netflix.

This is how it works

Choose a tariff

Scroll down on our eSIM page and select the tariff "Flat10".



Create an account to access your customer portal .


Choose eSIM

Select the option "Activate eSIM", confirm the tariff and verify your personal data.


Install eSIM

Scan the QR code that appears and add the mobile plan to your eSIM. After 5 minutes, everything is activated and you can start surfing!


Minimum contract period? We don’t have one! Of course, you don’t have to continue paying for the rate after your stay. You can simply switch off your subscription with a few clicks in your customer portal and your eSIM is deactivated. You can then either delete the eSIM from your device or keep it and reactivate it on your next visit to Switzerland.

We wish you a nice trip!

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