Bedside Services Networked With 5G and eSIM

Please tell me at the beginning what your function at trifact is.

Managing Director.

Tell us about trifact. What are you doing exactly?

trifact has been the Swiss market leader in bedside services in the healthcare sector for 20 years. Our solutions, which are developed, produced, installed and maintained in Switzerland, meet the highest demands of care and patients.

What problem(s) existed at trifact before you started working with Digital Republic?

Digitalization is on everyone’s lips and we are all aware of the major changes around us. Music labels are being overwhelmed by new streaming services. The sharing economy materialized in the form of Uber and AirBnB, and Nokia executives are still wondering why a week’s battery life hasn’t prevailed over smartphones with a 12-hour battery life.

All of these examples have one thing in common: They are based on new business models and are made possible and scalable in the background by new IT technologies. trifact is right in the middle of this change. We tackle the new challenges together with our customers. 

A practical example: New approaches such as bring-your-own-device or tablets provided by the hospital presented us with new questions and challenges in the area of connectivity. Be it for individual installations, for complete rollouts or model rooms, connectivity is always necessary. Instead of tackling expensive and long-term infrastructure projects, we rely on Digital Republic. 

How does Digital Republic’s offering help you solve these problems? What convinced you?

With Digital Republic we found an agile partner who understands the needs of our customers and trifact and implements them quickly. For example, for hospitals where the WiFi still needs to be expanded, we conveniently order a new eSIM card in the store, add it to the corresponding tablet in our MDM and a few minutes later the tablet is ready to use.

Why did you choose Digital Republic over another provider’s solution?

Price, performance and service are perfect for me.

Would you recommend Digital Republic to other companies and if so, why?

Of course, if the appropriate network coverage is available, definitely.

What’s next for trifact?

We are constantly developing new products and services, but the roadmap is largely defined by our customers with their wishes and requirements. Listen and tailor!  

Thank you very much for the short interview.

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