Short interview with Complemedia

For starters, please tell me what your role at Complemedia is.

As Business Development Manager, I am responsible today for the success of tomorrow.

Tell us about Complemedia. What are you doing exactly?

We are one of the leading agencies in the marketing of advertising space in golf in Europe. We combine out-of-home media with analogue advertising media and today have a portfolio of almost 80 golf facilities in 5 countries.

What problem(s) existed before you started working with Digital Republic?

In the digital-out-of-home sector, we were confronted with steadily rising costs to ensure a stable data connection for our more than 120 digital screens. Due to continued expansion, monitoring our traffic was only possible to a very limited extent.

How does Digital Republic’s offering help you solve these problems? What convinced you?

Thanks to the possibility of flexibly selecting different data transfer rates, we always find the right solution for individual needs. We consider the flat rate model to be forward-looking. We were also convinced by the support and the team at Digital Republic. In the meantime, we have also been using the roaming offer for around two years – with the highest level of satisfaction.

Why did you choose Digital Republic over another provider’s solution?

Digital Republic’s offering provides maximum flexibility and first-class service. Lean, straightforward and uncomplicated – that fits our philosophy perfectly.

Would you recommend Digital Republic to other companies and if so, why?

Auf jeden Fall. Vom unkomplizierten Onboarding über die zuverlässige und angenehme Zusammenarbeit hin zur einwandfreien Technik – wir sind sehr happy.

What’s next for Complemedia?

We were recently able to expand our portfolio of exclusive advertising opportunities in golf to include the largest golf magazine in Switzerland and now reach 100% of all golfers throughout Switzerland – both on course and at home.

Thank you very much for the short interview.  

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