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Posters are yesterday’s news!

In contrast to conventional posters, digital signage wins customers through interactivity and flexible usage options. In times of digital change, the classic means of information and advertising are increasingly being rethought. The benefit lies in the versatility of the displays.

With digital signage, not only can information be presented in a clearer and more visible way, but more information fits on the same advertising space! Whether it’s a scrollable poster or interactive directions, digital signage leads to more engagement from customers, delivering tangible added value compared to passive advertising media such as posters and signs.

Even more flexible thanks to mobile networks!

Remote management of digital signage solutions requires a data connection and a Wi-Fi or wired connection is not always available. Thanks to a Digital Republic SIM card and our customer portal, networking and managing displays has never been easier.

If a connection to the digital signage panel is no longer needed, each SIM card can be paused individually. In addition, the connection speed of the individual SIM cards can be individually adapted to the needs, so that the costs always remain within a clear and manageable framework. So that even urgent content can be uploaded in the shortest possible time.

If the connection is needed via mobile network, no data volume needs to be taken into account. Since all our tariffs include unlimited data volume, any content can be transmitted for as long as desired, without having to worry about data volume or expensive additional packages. Digital signage must be that simple!

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