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Use Cases


Logistics connects. It is all the more important that the logistics chain itself is also connected. Thanks to GPS trackers, tablets, measuring sensors and supply chain monitoring, supply chains are monitored, routes are optimized and information about the transported goods is made available.

GPS and mobile communications – the combo of the pros!

GPS trackers are used in many areas of a company these days. In supply chains, individual parts of a product are tracked using small GPS tracking devices. Small and handy GPS trackers can also be used to track vehicles and people. Thanks to a SIM card, the GPS data is transmitted to the application server in real time. This means that you can always see where devices, individual products or vehicles are located. GPS trackers only require a minimal amount of data and only need mobile internet to maintain the connection to the satellites. This makes the small bandwidths of the Digital Republic range the perfect connectivity solution for logistics applications.

Fleet management and work reporting

Mobile internet is ideal for monitoring fleets and motor pools. Thanks to real-time monitoring, supply chains and routes can be continuously optimized. For this purpose, the corresponding vehicles are equipped with a SIM card from Digital Republic to ensure access to the data at any time, which can be used for evaluation and optimization. Newer fleet vehicles usually have a SIM card slot available for such applications. Older vehicles are retrofitted with a GPS tracker or tablets. The driver receives new orders via the tablet and immediately uses this to sign the order for the customer.

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