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Use Cases

GPS Tracking

Tracking vehicles and products with tracking devices

GPS trackers are now used in many areas of a business. In supply chains, individual parts of a product are tracked using small GPS tracking devices. Small and handy GPS trackers can also be used to track vehicles and people. By means of a SIM card for mobile internet, the GPS data is transmitted to the application server practically in real time. So you always know where equipment, individual products or vehicles are located. GPS trackers require only a minimal amount of data and only need mobile internet to maintain the connection to the satellites.

What connection speed does a GPS tracker need?

Since tracking devices do not transmit large volumes of data, all that is required is a constant connection. The Flat 0.4 data package with 0.4 Mbits download and 0.2 Mbits upload guarantees you a stable connection for your tracker. That’s all that’s needed.

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