Traktor wie er in der Landwirtschaft verwendet wird

Use Cases


Agriculture is also increasingly reaping the benefits of reliable connectivity. Smart farming using sensors and M2M communication between tractor and field is no longer a rarity.

M2M communication also in the field

Strong management skills are required in agriculture. It is important to collect empirical values, to react to unforeseen weather changes and to use the cultivated area efficiently and with foresight. In the case of smart farming, M2M communication is reflected in the wireless transmission of order and analysis data from agricultural machinery (tractors, drones, sowing machines, etc.) to a central computer in the farm office.

Using the appropriate software, the data collected can be evaluated and further management of the usable area can be planned. Empirical values are stored and taken into account in equal measure, such as short-term climate changes or the soil conditions, for example after a long period of drought.

Of course, this type of communication requires a data connection. Thanks to mobile communications, however, this is no longer a problem, even in the field outside of the range of the company WLAN.

Rates as diverse as the applications

Thanks to customizable rates, it doesn’t matter whether only a few sensor data are to be transmitted or an HD live stream from a camera in the field. A separately graded rate can be booked for each application, so that the costs always depend on the needs and remain manageable.

If short-term changes or additional SIM cards are necessary, all of this can be easily adjusted via the customer portal.

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