Smartphone mit geöffneter Telefon App

Use Cases

Smartphones/Employee Subscriptions

Managing your employees’ mobile subscriptions can be tedious and confusing. With Digital Republic, employee subscriptions can be managed independently and easily. New mobile subscriptions for new employees can be created and customized with just a few clicks.

Subscription management

Self-management should be as simple as possible. Business customers at Digital Republic therefore benefit from flexible tariffs and a customer portal that enables comprehensive self-administration of all subscriptions used. New profiles can be created for employees, SIM cards can be reordered and current subscriptions can be canceled/paused at any time – without any additional costs. The connection speed can be adjusted individually for each employee so that you never pay more than necessary. If no telephony or SMS are required, individual components of the subscription can be freely switched on and off. Everything is possible within a few clicks and without going through customer service.

Always up to date – with eSIM

Business customers should also have access to the technical standards. That’s why all our tariffs are completely unlimited and include 5G. In addition, all tariffs are also available as eSIMs at no extra charge. This massively accelerates the registration process. Thanks to the customer portal and eSIM, new employees can be connected within 5 minutes. HR and the new employees are happy.

Digital Republic is committed to freedom, fairness and progressiveness. Therefore, our customers can of course count on personal support despite self-management.

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