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E-Charging Stations

The expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric cars is progressing faster and faster, and electricians and power stations in particular need a reliable solution to connect them to the Internet.

Connected charging stations

Operating a charging station is more complex than you might think. In addition to being connected to the power supply, a charging station must also be connected to the Internet. For the billing of the electricity used, the administration of the charging station and cloud-based load management, there are often different requirements for the internet connection.

Electricians and power companies are faced with a wide variety of challenges and combinations. Is it just one charging station or are there several? Is load management local or in the cloud? Does the vehicle have to be provided with WLAN so that they can send their updates? The range of requirements is enormously variable and requires a flexible solution so that every wish can be met. Laying physical cables (optical fiber) is often too expensive and bears no relation to the project costs in general.

No problems thanks to mobile communications

To meet these requirements, a 4G/LTE router is used with the charging stations. Thanks to the flexible Digital Republic tariffs, the installer can easily adapt the appropriate speed to the usage. If the Internet is only used for billing, a low speed is sufficient. Would the charging station owner want to provide WiFi so that the cars can update themselves automatically? No problem – with just a few clicks, the speed can be increased so that the Tesla owner can look forward to his new update in the morning. No matter how big or small the order is, as an installer you have the right partner for connectivity in charging stations with Digital Republic.

Connected vehicles

Car manufacturers in particular are making more and more vehicles SIM-enabled. This means that with a data SIM card, for example, integrated fleet management can be implemented. The vehicles independently communicate their location to the dispatcher and the routes are managed centrally via the office. Decentralized solutions combined with AI are also possible and are already being implemented. E-mobility in particular is characterized by strong growth in features and use cases for mobile data connections. With a SIM card from Digital Republic, the connection to the mobile network is established in a few minutes, regardless of whether high-speed Internet or only a low bandwidth is required for tracking processes.

Smart charging stations

The operators of e-charging stations are dependent on mobile data connections wherever no infrastructure can be established using cables. In the end, using mobile communications is often even more cost-effective than laying physical lines. Thanks to new technologies such as individual billing via app, bidirectional charging and smart load management, e-charging stations are becoming all-rounders in terms of energy technology. We provide the necessary connectivity, even in low bandwidths, so that M2M communication works smoothly and users and operators can fully benefit from the new technologies. Thanks to our tariff system, which is graded according to speed, the costs are always based on the individual needs of the application. Not least because of this, Digital Republic is the first choice for numerous energy and e-mobility service providers from all over Switzerland.

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